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The Best Quiet Coffee Grinder

Caffeine enthusiasts love coffee grinders for their ability to make fresh and flavorful cups of java, but the noise is an unwanted part of the experience. Fortunately, the Huaguo Electric Coffee Grinder is a quiet and powerful grinder that will allow you to enjoy that cup of coffee hassle-free.

The Top Quietest Coffee Grinders of 2023

Huaguo Electric Coffee Bean Grinder 

The Coffee Grinder from Huaguo offers a nice blend of affordability, performance, and low noise level.

First off, this product is exceptionally quiet for an electric grinder. The sharp stainless steel blades cut cleanly through the beans, which reduces noise from the rattling of whole beans against the sides of the bowl.

The 150 Watt motor is also designed to be as quiet as possible.

And, despite the grinder’s whisper-quiet operation, it is effective as well. A problem with rotary blades is that they tend to lead to inconsistent grinding size, but the Huaguo coffee grinder gives you uniform grounds every time.

It can also produce grounds suitable for any coffee maker, such as a french press or conventional drip coffee machines. You control coffee ground size by pressing the button at the front of the machine. Hold the button for a longer amount of time for fine grounds or a shorter time for coarse grounds.

In addition to coffee grounds, the Huaguo grinder mill can also tackle herbs, spices, and nuts.

An added bonus for those who prefer to avoid BPA is that all plastic components of the coffee grinder are BPA-free.

One potential drawback is that this unit is very compact. As such, its capacity is only 70 grams of beans at a time. This is roughly equivalent to 7 cups of brewed coffee.

If you have a house full of coffee drinkers or want to serve coffee to multiple guests, then you may want to purchase a grinder larger than this one. However, if only a couple people drink coffee in the household, then this should be the perfect size for them.

The compact size can be a pro as well. It is only about 7 inches tall and tapered in the middle of the body, so it can be operated virtually anywhere.

Also, the white and black matte plastic exterior will be a pro to some and a con to others, depending on your preferences. This grinder would fit in particularly well with a light kitchen theme, but it may not blend in with ultra-modern kitchens, such as those that are stainless steel.

Kitcoff Manual Coffee Grinder

The Kitcoff Manual Coffee Grinder is the perfect way to enjoy fresh coffee day or night without any annoyance.

Manual grinders tend to be much quieter than their electric counterparts, and this grinder is no exception. The hand crank and burrs are made of smooth stainless steel and ceramic that resist rust and friction to provide a peaceful coffee-making experience.

This coffee grinder also has 18 settings to provide coarse, medium, and fine grounds, as well as everything in between. This means that the Kitcoff manual grinder is compatible with virtually any coffee-making machine.

Further, this unit is highly compact and can be stored easily in even the most compact of kitchens.

You will also save money with this grinder, as manual grinders generally cost less than electric ones. Further, no electricity is required, which saves money on energy bills and means you do not have to struggle with cables and cords.

However, manual coffee grinders come with their share of cons as well. The most obvious con is that they require much more effort and time than electric models.

If your hands have trouble grasping small handles or you just don’t want to deal with manual grinding early in the morning, then you may want to look into electric units.

In addition, if you want to serve multiple people coffee, note that it will take a considerable amount of time to grind up that much coffee. This grinder is compact and is really only designed to serve one or two people at a time.

SHARDOR Electric Coffee Grinder

The SHARDOR Coffee Grinder is an electric coffee grinder that emphasizes a hassle-free coffee-making experience.

For one, it has parts that are easily removable and can be put in the dishwasher to clean. There are no small corners or edges where mold and other contaminants can grow.

Additionally, the unit is compact and will not take up much precious counter space. I would compare the size of this coffee grinder to a standard thermos.

The coffee grinder also has a nice, simple operating mechanism. The grinder is activated when you put the lid on, and you keep grinding until the grounds reach your desired texture.

It takes only about 15 seconds to obtain the coffee grounds, or slightly longer if you want a finer texture. This is an advantage over manual coffee grinders, which can take several minutes to achieve the desired grounds.

The grinder is multipurpose and can be used for nuts and spices like salt, pepper, and mustard seeds.

A note about this grinder is that it has stainless steel blades rather than burrs. Some coffee enthusiasts prefer burrs over blades, as burrs result in a more consistent powder texture.

Also, by design, electric grinders will be noisier than manual models. While the SHARDOR coffee grinder is quiet relative to other electric grinders, if you want a whisper-quiet grinder, then you should consider a manual version.

Kaffe Stainless Steel Electric Coffee Grinder

The Kaffe Electric Coffee Grinder is a small, sleek stainless steel grinder that won’t add clutter to your kitchen countertop.

The cup holds 3 ounces of whole coffee beans, which is equivalent to about 12 cups of coffee. It has a decent capacity despite its compact size, and it should easily meet the needs of a typical family.

In addition, this product is fast and grinds whole coffee beans in as little as 10 seconds. The top includes an on/off switch that allows you to easily adjust the coarseness of the grounds by either shortening or lengthening the grinding time.

Compared to other electric grinders, this unit is quieter than average. While the motor will inevitably make some noise, it won’t wake anyone in the house up unless they happen to be a very light sleeper.

Another nice feature is that, due to the grinder’s simple shape, it is easy to clean. A small brush is included to assist with cleaning.

The grinder can also grind objects other than coffee beans, such as spices or nuts.

One potential drawback to note is that electric grinders result in more inconsistent grounds than manual versions. As this is a more budget-friendly option, you should not expect the Kaffe coffee grinder to perform better than average in terms of grinding consistency.

One reason for the grinder’s less consistent results is that it has a rotary blade rather than burrs. Burrs tend to be better at ensuring that each individual bean is chopped up according to the user’s specifications.

If uniform grounds size is important to you, then you may wish to consider either a manual coffee grinder or a more premium electric grinder.

OXO Brew Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

The OXO Brew Conical Burr Coffee Grinder is an affordable burr mill option that grinds coffee beans with fantastic consistency every time.

The high quality of grinding is the selling point of this product. The conical burr grinds each bean with great precision, which results in coffee with a richer flavor and aroma.

Additionally, a dial on the front of the device allows for precise coarseness control with 19 settings. Coffee grounds may range from ultra coarse to ultra-fine.

This coffee grinder has the potential to make up to 12 cups in one batch in just a few seconds. This makes it a great household appliance for all the coffee drinkers in the family.

The metal cup that collects the coffee grinds is situated conveniently at the front of the model. It is easily removable for cleaning and transferring grinds.

The body of the coffee grinder is made of matte black plastic and stainless steel. While it has a pleasant aesthetic, the grinder is bulky compared to other models and will take up some countertop space.

As far as burr mill models go, this unit is quiet and won’t disturb the entire household. However, burr coffee grinders tend to be the noisiest kind of coffee grinder. If you want to ensure a peaceful morning, you may wish to go with a quieter option, such as an electric with a blade or a manual coffee grinder.

KRUPS Silent Vortex Electric Grinder

The KRUPS Silent Vortex Electric Grinder is specifically designed with noise reduction in mind. This is a very quiet electric grinder, but you will have to sacrifice power and aesthetics.

The grinder uses “vortex” technology, which effectively pulls the coffee beans into the spinning blades. This efficient operation reduces noise from the beans hitting the sides of the bowl or getting stuck in the blades.

Thus, the KRUPS grinder is ideal for households with babies, children, or anyone that you don’t want woken up early in the morning.

Also, the bowl holds enough coffee beans to make about 12 cups of coffee. This capacity is more than enough for use by the typical family.

The device grinds herbs and spices in addition to coffee beans. It works well for making your own dry rubs or seasonings.

However, there are some prominent drawbacks to this electric grinder. It contains blades rather than burrs, which harm performance. You can expect a somewhat inconsistent size with your coffee grounds.

In addition, the body of the grinder is a shiny black plastic material. While this is a matter of taste, I think this product looks cheaper than other grinders, such as those with stainless steel casings.

There is also an orange strip that wraps around the top of the grinder that may disrupt the harmony of some kitchens.

Additionally, while the bowl and lid are dishwasher safe, there are tiny grooves and curves in the lid that appear difficult to keep clean. You may have to use a brush or cloth to clean some of those tighter spaces.

On the upside, the grinder is a compact cylindrical shape that takes up minimal space in cramped kitchens.

Capresso Infinity Conical Burr Grinder with Zinc Die Cast

The Capresso Infinity Conical Burr Grinder is for those who are very serious about preserving the flavor and aroma of coffee grounds.

This coffee grinder has innovative technology that slows the gears and reduces friction. This reduction in heat and friction is a fantastic way to preserve all the flavor in the coffee beans.

This tech also ensures that there is no static charge. This makes it a breeze to remove coffee grounds and keep all the components clean.

Also, the coffee grinder has conical burrs made out of high-quality steel. These quality burrs are made to last for years, and they effectively crush coffee beans, resulting in coffee grounds packed with flavor.

Both the efficient operation of the burrs and the innovative technology that reduces friction makes this coffee grinder much quieter. This is one of the quietest premium, large-capacity electric coffee grinders available on the online market.

The capacity of the bean holder is 8.8 ounces, which is enough to produce over 20 cups of coffee in a single grinding session. Whether you are looking to serve coffee for multiple guests or for your family alone, this coffee grinder is up to the task.

In terms of design, the Capresso coffee grinder has a zinc casing. Metal casings are much more robust than the plastic casings seen in some other coffee grinders, so you can expect this grinder to be durable and long-lasting.

The coffee grinder has a simple, pleasant design with a modern brushed metal body. Due to its bulk, it will take up some counter space, so be prepared to clear up a spot on the counter for this appliance.

The coffee grinder has a total of 16 settings, from extra fine to coarse. You simply need to turn the hopper to the desired coarseness level and set the timer to get fresh coffee grounds.

Another nice feature is that this product is easy to clean. The bean holder and the top burr are both easily removable for cleaning.

You can also expect good customer service from the company, Capresso. They offer a 1-year limited warranty in case anything goes wrong with the coffee grinder.

Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill -“Skerton Pro”

The Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill -“Skerton Pro” is for those who want the silence and consistency of a manual coffee grinder without the hassle.

First off, this grinder has an unusual design compared to other manual grinders, which makes cranking the handle much easier. The rubber base grips to the counter during grinding and will not slip.

This is a step up from other grinders that are unwieldy and slip out of your hand.

To operate, simply load the coffee beans into the bowl at the top and close the lid. Then crank the handle until the grounds reach your desired level of coarseness.

While other manual grinders take may take minutes to operate, this unit is much faster due to its smart design.

Also, the design includes conical ceramic burrs. Burrs are a premium feature that grinds beans with superior consistency.

Burr grinders crush the beans, which releases their flavor and aroma. Rotary blades tend to be inferior because they only chop up the beans, so much of the flavor is lost.

And, of course, another great advantage of a hand-crank coffee bean grinder is that it is an exceptionally quiet product. The noise it produces is quiet enough to easily hold a conversation while the product is in use.

Still, as with all manual grinders, the Hario grinder takes longer than an electric version. If your mornings are hectic and you just want a fast cup of java, then an electric grinder will give you similar quality with much faster results.

The bowl has a small capacity, which is perfect for serving a couple of cups of coffee in the morning. However, a larger or electric model may be better for entertaining guests or serving many coffee drinkers at once.

The grinder is slightly bulkier due to the handle and its rounded shape, but it is still reasonably compact. It could be stored in a cramped kitchen, but if you want a super slim coffee grinder, another product would likely be better for you.

KitchenAid BCG111ER Blade Coffee Grinder

The KitchenAid Coffee Grinder is a sleek and stylish grinder manufactured by a reputable company.

Online shopping can be a roll of the dice when it comes to quality, but well-known brands can build your trust in a product. This KitchenAid coffee grinder is no exception, as it is powerful while still being quiet.

The grinder has a simple design with a transparent plastic cover and a single button to press until the grounds are at the preferred consistency. The coffee grinder works great as a basic model with no complicated buttons or settings.

As such, it makes a perfect grinder for those looking to have consistent and quickly prepared grounds in the morning, but it is not the best option for coffee connoisseurs. It does not offer many customization options, and it is only suited for French press and drip coffee machines.

Also, the grinder is only designed for use with coffee beans and may not work well with other items like herbs or spices.

A nice feature is that the bowl contains markers to let the user know how much coffee the level of beans will make. The graduations go from 4 cups to 12 cups, which is the highest possible capacity.

The bowl is dishwasher safe, and the overall design is streamlined, so it looks easy to clean and maintain. There are no tight wedges or crevices that would be impossible to clean without a brush.

The coffee grinder has a unique design and would look particularly stylish in a modern home due to its stainless steel construction. The model comes in 2 colors: cherry red and onyx black.

While not specifically built for silence, the grinder is still quieter than average due to its efficient performance and robust design. It is by no means the quietest grinder on this list, but it is still quiet enough not to disturb the household, including children and pets.

Cuisinart DBM-8CRM Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill

The Cuisinart Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill is a premium coffee grinder with a huge capacity that will be appreciated by coffee addicts.

Right off the bat, you will notice the large bowl size. You can make up to 32 cups of coffee in a single grinding session, which is about 3 times more than the average electric coffee grinder.

As such, this grinder is great for serious coffee drinkers or those who want to entertain multiple guests.

Another selling point is the fact that this is a burr grinder made by one of the largest names in the kitchen appliance industry. You can expect a great performance that will provide aromatic coffee packed with flavor.

The grinder also has 18 different settings to allow you to finely tune the device to your preferences. It can produce ground sizes from ultra-fine to extra coarse, so you can use the grounds in any coffee maker, from drip to French press to espresso.

The machine automatically stops when it reaches the requested grounds consistency. This is a nice convenience that saves you from having to push a button for 5-30 seconds, like with most electric grinders.

Do note that this is a larger capacity grinder, so naturally, it will be larger and take up more counter space than other grinders. Be prepared to clear away a kitchen counter area at least the size of a blender.

Another point to highlight is that this model will be louder than most of the other grinders on this list. While it is still a quiet grinder compared to all other grinders, it is large and powerful, and so naturally, it makes more noise.

Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder White

The Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder is a premium coffee grinder with an amazing amount of customization so that you can make your perfect cup of coffee.

With 40 grind settings, you can create the exact ground consistency that you want, from super fine to extra coarse and everything in between. Due to this huge range in ground size, grounds produced by this machine can be used in any coffee maker, even the more specialized coffee makers like espresso or aeropress.

As expected of a high-quality coffee grinder, the Baratza grinder has conical burrs to capture all of the flavors in each coffee bean.

Despite its apparent complexity, the coffee grinder is easy to operate for both new coffee fans and professionals. To use, you only need to set the hopper to your preferred grinding level and turn on the switch to get fresh coffee grounds. A pulse button at the front also allows you to precisely control the amount of grinding.

Do keep in mind that this coffee grinder will take up a considerable amount of counter space. It is both tall and has a bulky rounded body.

However, despite its relative bulk, the coffee grinder maintains a stylish and high-tech appearance. The grinder comes in both sleek black and bright white colors to match any kitchen.

The coffee grinder’s superior engineering reduces the noise level considerably, especially since this machine is so large and powerful. However, it will still make more noise than a smaller, weaker coffee grinder.

The company, Baratza, has great customer service, and they offer a 1-year warranty in case of malfunction.

Additionally, all the components are easy to remove and clean to keep the device in optimal condition.

KRUPS Precision Flat Burr Coffee Grinder for Espresso, Drip, Cold Brew, Pour Over

The KRUPS Precision Electric Coffee Grinder is a great option for buyers who enjoy the company’s coffee grinder but want a larger capacity than they typically offer.

The hopper on this coffee grinder holds 8.8 ounces of coffee beans, which produces about 30 cups of coffee when brewed. It is a great size if you want to store the coffee grounds for later or serve many guests fresh coffee at once.

This coffee grinder is a low noise model that is engineered to produce few sounds and vibrations. While it does make some noise, you can still hold conversations at the kitchen counter while the grinder is in operation.

Additionally, this is a burr grinder, so you can expect consistent grounds every time. However, do note that the burrs are made out of metal, whereas most premium coffee grinders use ceramic burrs.

Thus, the quality and longevity of this product may suffer slightly due to the burr materials.

Also, the coarseness dial only has 12 settings. Most high-end electric coffee grinders have at least 16 settings, so this coffee grinder has a narrow range of coarseness options. If you need a coffee grinder that can produce grounds of any consistency, then you should consider another product.

This electric coffee grinder works best for those who don’t need precise control over grounds coarseness and instead just need a simple and effective coffee grinder.

However, a nice feature about the burrs is that the top burr is easily removable for cleaning.

Best Quiet Coffee Grinder Buying Criteria

Noise Level

Of course, the noisiness of a coffee grinder is an essential criterion, especially since grinders are typically operated in the morning when others are sleeping.

Manual coffee grinders are the most silent type that you will find. Look for manual grinders with smooth, frictionless parts to further reduce noise.

For those who must not wake children, pets, or anyone else, manual grinders will do the job. The only noise comes from the cranking of the handle and the burrs crushing the coffee beans.

However, manual grinders have several drawbacks. The obvious drawback is that they require human power, so you will spend your mornings turning a handle to obtain coffee grounds.

This will be annoying for some, especially if you have a million other tasks to do in the morning. For others, this can actually be a therapeutic and relaxing start to their mornings.

Another potential con is that they take much longer than electric coffee grinders. Grinding one batch of coffee beans can take a minute or more, and you may have to do multiple batches depending on how much coffee you wish to serve.

Manual coffee grinders also tend to have a small capacity, so you can’t grind many beans at once. This will further increase the time required to get your coffee grounds.

Again, this may be irritating for some, but for others, it’s a way to get away from electronics for a moment and just relax.

In terms of electric coffee grinders, the noise level of a blade versus burrs is comparable. Burrs tend to be a bit quieter because they crush the beans into dust, whereas blades chop up beans and cause more clattering noises.

Look for electric grinders that advertise smooth, slow movements and frictionless parts. This will minimize not only noise but also heat, which can damage the quality of coffee beans.

Coffee Maker Compatibility

This is another essential criterion when buying a coffee grinder. Whether you have a drip coffee machine, French press, or anything else, bean coarseness affects compatibility with coffee makers.

To ensure compatibility, I recommend using a burr coffee grinder, as they lead to a much more consistent ground size compared to electric grinders with blades. Either a manual or electric burr grinder will do the job just fine.

In general, the more settings that a coffee grinder has, the better. Look for at least 16 settings with a range from extra fine to coarse.

French press coffee makers require medium to coarse coffee grounds. With that in mind, make sure that the coffee grinder has these settings.

AeroPress coffee makers, on the other hand, require fine coffee grounds. Make sure that the coffee grinder has fine or ultra-fine settings for compatibility.

Turkish coffee makers are very particular in that they require ultrafine coffee grounds, so you may want to look for even more settings than the 16 recommended above.

FAQs About Quiet Coffee Grinders

What is the quietest coffee grinder?

The answer to this question will be, of course, a manual coffee grinder. Electric coffee grinders cannot match the low noise level of manuals due to the fact that they contain motors.

I recommend the Kitcoff manual coffee grinder as a whisper-quiet and highly compact grinder. It is also made with high-quality parts and has a wide range of coarseness settings.

Not everyone wants a manual coffee grinder due to the work and time involved in producing coffee grounds. In that case, there are several electric coffee grinders that still offer quiet operation.

The Capresso Infinity conical burr coffee grinder is a large capacity, high-quality grinder that is built for quiet operation. It is specifically designed to slow the gears and reduce friction within the machine, which reduces both noise and heat considerably.

For those who want a more compact grinder option, I recommend the Huaguo electric coffee grinder. It is highly compact and affordable, and it is also one of the quietest electric coffee grinders that you can find online.

How many decibels is a coffee grinder?

The answer to this question is highly variable, depending on the coffee grinder in question. However, you can expect an electric burr coffee grinder with large capacity to be around 76 decibels.

76 decibels is about equivalent to the sound of a vacuum cleaner or a loud radio.

You can find electric coffee grinders that are quieter than this, however. While manufacturers typically do not report sound levels in decibels, a good hint that the coffee grinder will be quiet is thicker materials.

Coffee grinders with large, insulated bodies made out of thick plastic or metal offer greater noise insulation than thinner coffee grinders.

Another good indication that the grinder will be quiet is advertised gear reduction or friction reduction. These features minimize the grinding of different components against each other, which can result in both excess noise and heat.

How do I make a coffee grinder quieter?

If you already have a quality coffee grinder and don’t wish to purchase another one, then there are several steps that you can take to minimize the sound level while in operation.

An obvious first action is to clean the coffee grinder thoroughly with a brush or cloth to remove all built-up gunk. This gunk can, over time, make blades or burrs blunter and hinder other components, which causes undesirable clanking or clattering noises.

If the coffee grinder is thoroughly cleaned and it is still making excess noise, then you can purchase sound dampening mats to place the coffee grinder on top of. This will reduce the rattling noise of the base against the countertop and will reduce vibrations as well.

You can also insulate the plastic part where the beans rattle against the lid with a towel or another sound dampening mat.

Final Word

Making high-quality coffee at home or work is already intimidating enough for new coffee enthusiasts, but selecting a coffee grinder just adds to the challenge. Luckily, all the coffee grinders compiled above were selected to minimize noise while still delivering fresh coffee grounds.

Still, some coffee grinders are quieter than others. The absolute quietest coffee grinders are manual coffee grinders.

I recommend the Kitcoff manual coffee grinder for anyone who grinds coffee in an office or at home with children, where silence is a must.

For those who don’t want the time and hassle of a manual coffee grinder, there is still hope with their electric counterparts. High-quality insulating materials minimize noises from the coffee beans and the motor.

Further, gear reduction is another great feature to look out for that will reduce sound and friction.

A commercial quality coffee grinder with a large capacity that still maintains quiet operation is the Capresso Infinite electric coffee grinder. Its zinc metal body adds weight to the coffee grinder to minimize vibrations, and it also adds sound insulation.

For those who want a compact yet still powerful electric coffee grinder, I recommend the KRUPS electric coffee grinder as a small and quiet grinder that still packs a punch in terms of delivering quality coffee grounds.

There are steps that you can take to further reduce the sound of your coffee grinder. Place insulating mats underneath the base of the device to dampen sound and vibrations.

Also, be sure to thoroughly clean the coffee grinder’s blades or burrs with a brush or cloth to reduce built-up debris, which can clog the parts and cause irritating sounds.

You can also put a towel or insulating mat over the plastic bean hopper while in operation to muffle the noise of beans hitting against the plastic sides.

Overall, the best coffee grinder on this list is the Huaguo electric coffee grinder. It is highly compact and portable, so it can be taken to work or even on vacation.

Despite the fact that it uses a blade and not a burr, the Huaguo grinder still maintains consistent coffee ground coarseness. This makes it suitable for virtually any coffee maker, from French press to drip to espresso machines.

And, most importantly, the Huaguo electric grinder is one of the quietest electric coffee grinders that you can find online.

Whatever your needs, there’s a quiet and powerful coffee grinder out there for you to enjoy fresh, flavorful coffee every morning.

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