garage door opener with tight chain

The Quietest Garage Door Opener of 2021

It might be time to consider replacing that old noisy garage door opener when: Your wife starts taking practice swings with her 9 iron when you open and close the garage door at midnight. Your … Read more

installing soundproof blinds

The Best Soundproof Blinds of 2021

Windows equal noise–almost invariably. Glass does not have near the soundproofing ability of insulated walls. But you want, and need light and ventilation. Blinds, curtains, even moving blankets will cut down the noise of traffic, … Read more

sump pump in pit

The Best Quiet Sump Pump of 2021

Some people (like me) rarely think about their sump pumps–unless something goes wrong. Other people obsess about them. Regardless of which camp you are in, sump pumps are an important part of your home protection … Read more

air compressors in show room

The Best Quiet Air Compressor of 2021

Air compressors are versatile pieces of equipment used to power a huge array of tools. From pumping up a flat tire to running construction tools, to air impact tools, to spray painting and sandblasting, they … Read more

coffee grinder on kitchen counter

The Best Quiet Coffee Grinder of 2021

Caffeine enthusiasts love coffee grinders for their ability to make fresh and flavorful cups of java, but the noise is an unwanted part of the experience. Fortunately, the Huaguo Electric Coffee Grinder is a quiet … Read more

Bed with a steel bed frame

The Best Quiet Bed Frame of 2021

BEDTIME! Woohoo! Day is over. Temperature is set perfectly. The bedroom is soundproof. Mattress is great. Sheets feel like angel wings. You get into bed and the damn things squeaks, squawks, creaks, cracks, and groans. … Read more

Ice cubes in a glass

Quietest Ice Maker

The first automatic ice maker I ever experienced was in a refrigerator. I thought it was magic. I did not even mind that it made enough noise to wake the proverbial dead. Technology can be … Read more

Quiet mini-fridge under the counter

The Best Quiet Mini Fridge of 2021

Mini fridges are a fantastic addition to offices, dorms, and game rooms, but a noisy fridge will spoil all your plans. The BLACK+DECKER 2.5 Cubic Feet Mini Fridge with Freezer is the best mini refrigerator … Read more

Cutting a guy's hair with quiet hair clippers

The Best Quietest Hair Clippers of 2021

Hair trimming can be a messy, uncomfortable hassle for children and adults alike, so why make it worse with a noisy set of clippers? The Surker cordless hair clippers offer the best all around performance … Read more