sleeping with fan for white noise

The Best White Noise Fans

Plain old unheralded fans have been the ‘go to’ white noise machines for years.  Having just about any kind of fan running in your bedroom can help cancel out incoming noise. People have been known … Read more

quiet ceiling fan

The Quietiest Fans For Sleeping

Having a breeze blow across your body can cool you down and make it easier to sleep during those hot, still, muggy summer nights–when there is no breeze, and opening your window just lets in … Read more

Lasko electric ceramic space heater

The Quietest Space Heaters

If you have lived long enough, and in cold enough climates, you probably have memories of old tin box space heaters. The ones that were too hot to touch, rattled and banged and sometimes squealed, … Read more

Man installing window film

The Best Soundproof Window Film

Film is defined as a thin coating or covering. I will stick to that definition for the purposes of this article, and not clutter it up with blankets, curtains, or brick walls. Sound is caused … Read more

Suptikes Soundproof Door Draft Stopper installed on interior door

The Best Soundproof Door Sweep

Wherever air flows or light shows, noise will come through. Some of the biggest culprits are the spaces between the bottoms of doors and the floor below them. All the soundproofing of walls, ceilings, floors, … Read more

front and side of two dehumidifiers

The Quietest Dehumidifier

Although most dehumidifiers are not horribly loud, some of them will produce noise up to 75 decibels right at the machine. This fades quite a bit with distance–usually by 10 to 20 decibels when you … Read more

blender on counter

The Best Quiet Blender

The average blender has a noise level of 88 decibels–about the same as a lawn mower. Given that you are 2 feet away from it when you push the go button, it can be quite … Read more

Guy listening to a quiet paper shredder

Best Quiet Paper Shredder

Paper shredders can be noisy–sometimes producing well in excess of 80 decibels of noise. Here are 10 much quieter paper shredders. Every one of them produces under 70 decibels of noise, which is what you … Read more