woman blow drying hair with hair dryer in bathroom

The Quietest Hair Dryers

Hair dryer power (expressed in watts) has long been the standard for judging how good the machine is at drying hair. But the quietest hair dryers have Tourmaline and Ceramic technology combined with additional fan … Read more

Gasoline generator power an RV, man woman out frong

The Quietest RV Generator

The generators on this list all operate at under 70 decibels of noise (about the sound from your dishwasher). Having a quiet, dependable generator for your RV expeditions will provide more comfort, safety, and security. … Read more

Ryobi whisper leaf blower

The Quietest Leaf Blower

We selected and reviewed leaf blowers that operate at 70 decibels or less. Improvements in technology have resulted in some very powerful blowers with high airspeed and air volume (CFM) that are surprisingly quiet. Although … Read more

Man cutting board with a quiet jigsaw

The Quietest Cordless Jigsaw

Although jigsaws are most often used to cut circles and other non-straight lines, they can also be the only cutting tool small enough to fit into tight spaces and still perform as required. And with … Read more

aluminum hand dryer in bathroom

The Best Quiet Hand Dryers

Electric hand dryers provide many benefits–reduced germ transmission, more environmentally friendly than paper towels, more hygienic. And you don’t have to use the same towel that 3 kids made soggy before you got there. Of … Read more

two dog crates side by side

The Best Soundproof Dog Crate

Whether you need to keep the dog noise inside the crate or keep the dog-frightening noises–like thunder, fireworks, and other loud, unexpected noises–out of the crate, a soundproof space is a good investment to provide … Read more

woman cooking under range hood

The Quietest Range Hood

Most people do not give much thought to their range hoods. A lot of people rarely turn them on–until something falls on the burner and it smells like baked badger is on the menu. And … Read more

liftmaster garage door opener

The Quietest Garage Door Opener

It might be time to consider replacing that old noisy garage door opener when: Your wife starts taking practice swings with her 9 iron when you open and close the garage door at midnight. Your … Read more

installing soundproof blinds

The Best Soundproof Blinds

Windows equal noise–almost invariably. Glass does not have near the soundproofing ability of insulated walls. But you want, and need light and ventilation. Blinds, curtains, even moving blankets will cut down the noise of traffic, … Read more

sump pump in pit

The Best Quiet Sump Pump

Some people (like me) rarely think about their sump pumps–unless something goes wrong. Other people obsess about them. Regardless of which camp you are in, sump pumps are an important part of your home protection … Read more