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The Best Quietest Electric Kettle

The search for an electric kettle may seem daunting with so many options, but it really just boils down to a few key considerations that you have to make about what you want in a kettle. We recommend the Kenwood Persona Collection Kettle as the best all-around option due to its power, temperature options, and low noise.

Why It's BestRating
Cosori Variable Temperature Electric KettleQuiet, large volume, variable temperature, keep warm function★★★★★
Eglaf Portable Electric KettleVery quiet, compact and portable, cool to the touch★★★★★
BELLA Ceramic Electric KettleQuiet, ceramic, gooseneck spout for safe pouring★★★★
ASCOT Stainless Steel Electric KettleQuiet, large capacity, quick boiling★★★★

The Best Quietest Electric Kettle of 2023

Kenwood SJM610 Electric Kettle

This Kenwood electric kettle is a large capacity kettle with a sleek stainless steel body.

Its features emphasize silence. The kettle is quiet even with boiling water — the boiling water can only faintly be heard. The kettle also has an option to make a pinging noise when the water is done, but even that feature can be disabled.

This model’s selling point is its variable temperature feature. It has 7 set temperatures, with the cooling temperatures being suitable for delicate teas, while the boiling temperature is suitable for instant drinks.

To help control and monitor the temperature, the base has an LCD screen that displays the temperature. Once the kettle reaches the set temperature, it is able to maintain that temperature for 30 minutes.

Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Kettle For Coffee And Tea

The Fellow Stagg EKG electric kettle combines beauty and engineering. The obvious eye-catcher is the pastel pink kettle with a maple wood handle and lid top. The spout gently curves in such a way that you don’t have to ever worry about it dripping or spilling any liquid.

The matte plastic design helps insulate any water boiling inside the kettle, which makes it much quieter. The long spout also makes the sound of whistling less pronounced. This is truly a great product to have if you brew coffee or tea early in the morning and don’t want to disturb your family or housemates.

The kettle comes with a dial so that you can adjust the temperature to your desired setting. A convenient LCD display allows you to view the set temperature versus the temperature inside the pot.

To add to your peace of mind, the company adds a 1-year warranty in case of any manufacturing defects that may become apparent.

Small capacity, slow pouring spout due to gooseneck design.

Retro Style Electric Kettle

The Retro Style electric kettle is a large capacity retro kettle. Its capacity makes it great if you plan to serve your entire family with it, but it may be unnecessary and bulky if only one person plans to use it regularly.

The most useful and prominent feature is its internal temperature gauge, which allows you to always be able to check on the temperature of the water. This helps prevent you from pouring a disappointing cup of lukewarm water when you wanted it to be piping hot.

It also comes with a removable filter, which keeps lime and other scum from entering your drinks.

The weaker an electric kettle is, the quieter it will be. This kettle is not manufactured specifically for power, so it will be a quiet addition to your kitchen.

However, one thing to take note of is that the kettle is made of a thin metal, which tends to be noisier than thicker metal or plastic. This means the boiling water inside the kettle will be a bit noisy. If you’re looking for the quietest possible kettle, then this probably is not the product for you.

OXO BREW Adjustable Temperature Electric Kettle

The OXO BREW kettle is a large-capacity kettle with a dial on the front so that you can finely control the temperature of the kettle. A screen on the front allows you to see the internal temperature at all times.

The most novel feature is the thick glass that wraps around the kettle. This allows you to view whether or not the water is boiling at all times.

The glass has the added benefit of soundproofing the boiling water. This is one of the quietest electric kettles that you can buy.

Despite how quiet it is, the kettle still heats water to a boil faster than most other competitors. The kettle has all the other features you’d expect of a kettle, such as a removable filter and BPA-free materials.

One downside is that the more premium materials of this kettle have a cost, and it is more expensive compared to most other models.

AmazonBasics 1 Liter Electric Glass Kettle

This AmazonBasics electric kettle is a cheaper way to get all the benefits of a glass electric kettle. The thick, durable glass serves as great soundproofing for boiling water. In addition, you’ll always be able to see the water inside the kettle so that you know how much you’ve added and whether it’s boiling yet or not.

The kettle contains blue LED lights on the bottom of the kettle, which shines on the water and creates a very aesthetic appearance. Practically speaking, this is a nice feature if you ever need to use the kettle in dim lighting.

As this is a more budget-friendly kettle, it does not have a variable temperature dial like some other models. It does, however, have plenty of safety features. The kettle has boil-dry protection and an auto-shutoff feature so that you never have to worry in case you accidentally leave the kettle on.

An aspect of this model that will be a downside to some is the plastic on the lid. Amazon does not state whether the plastic is BPA-free or not, so those looking to avoid BPA may wish to look for other products.

However, the amount of plastic in contact with the water is so small that there should be no potential plastic aftertaste.

COSORI Electric Kettle 

The COSORI electric kettle has one of the largest water capacities you can find online at 1.7 liters. It’s fantastic for serving a whole gathering of people at once.

Another feature that makes this kettle stand out is its keep warm feature. When activated, it will keep the water in the kettle at the selected temperature for 1 hour. This is great if you like to have multiple cups of a hot beverage within a couple of hours of each other.

You can select from 6 different temperatures, ranging from hot to boiling.

Best of all, the modern glass construction helps soundproof the kettle. It can be used at any time of day, from your morning cup of tea to your late-night hot chocolate, without disturbing your housemates.

Of course, the kettle comes with essential safety features. The device switches itself off once it reaches boiling temperature. Further, it has boil dry protection so that the kettle won’t cook itself if the water level drops too low.

Similar to the AmazonBasics electric kettle, this kettle also comes with blue LED lights to illuminate the water.

Secura Stainless Steel Double Wall Electric Kettle

The Secura electric kettle has a fully stainless steel interior, meaning no plastic is in contact with hot water at any time. This is ideal for people who are sensitive to a plastic taste in water or people who are looking to avoid BPA contaminants in their water.

Further, the kettle is double-walled. This makes the kettle cool to the touch, which adds safety in case you are afraid of you or your kids being burned by a scalding exterior. The double-wall has the added benefit of insulating the kettle, which makes it a fantastic quiet option.

In addition, the double-wall helps the water heat up quicker and keeps it warmer for longer.

The kettle has an on/off power switch for those who desire simplicity. It lights up the let the user know the water is heating, then turns off when the water is done heating.

To increase your confidence in this buy, the company offers a 2-year warranty if the device malfunctions or breaks.

COMFEE’ 1.7 L Double Wall Electric Kettle

The COMFEE’ electric kettle is designed to be as whisper quiet as possible. It has a coating that soundproofs the boiling water inside the kettle. If you need a kettle to be as mute as possible, this could be the option for you.

In addition, it has a double-wall construction that makes the kettle cool to the touch. The double-wall has the added benefit of aiding the water in heating faster and staying hot for longer.

The kettle also has some fantastic safety features. For one thing, no plastic ever comes in contact with hot water, so you don’t have to worry about plastic contaminants in the water.

In addition, the kettle has dry boil protection so that it shuts off if the water level dips below a minimum level. The device also has an auto-shutoff feature so that you don’t have to worry if you accidentally leave it unattended.


KitchenAid 1.5 Liter Electric Kettle

This KitchenAid electric kettle comes in three different colors and includes a retro style many people will love. 

The design is minimalist yet sleek. The body is made out of BPA-free plastic, while the base and parts of the lid are stainless steel. The handle makes this easy to hold and carry and it has a dual-wall body with insulation.

The spout has a non-drip construction for precise pouring.

No need to worry about the kettle wobbling as it sits flush on the ground. This makes the kettle so sturdy in its base that you never have to worry about it wobbling or tipping over.

A downside of this model is that it does not have variable temperature options, which you may expect at its price point. At the end of the day, you have to decide if you’re willing to pay a steeper price for quality engineering, even if the kettle doesn’t have some of the features that its competitors have.

BELLA 1.2 Liter Ceramic Electric Kettle

This BELLA electric kettle has a unique feature that you don’t see often in kettles anymore: it is fully ceramic. Coupled with a blue paint job, the kettle has a pleasing vintage aesthetic.

The ceramic design has practical benefits as well. You can avoid the plastic or metallic aftertaste that many modern kettles give off.

This kettle is not large like some other models, so it works best for only serving one to a few people at a time.

In addition, it does not have variable temperature options. You simply flip a switch, and the kettle will turn on until it boils, then it will automatically shut off. This simplicity can be seen as a pro or a con, depending on your needs.

Rest assured that this kettle would be a quiet addition to your kitchen. It has a lower wattage than other kettles, and less power-hungry kettles are usually quieter.

ASCOT 1.7 Quart Stainless Steel Electric Kettle

This ASCOT stainless steel kettle adds a sleek, modern look to any kitchen. Only the handle and a few other accents are made of plastic to ensure you have a firm grip on the kettle. The rest is made fully with lacquered stainless steel, which ensures no hot water comes in contact with plastic at any time.

In addition, this unit comes with all the safety features you’d want in an electric kettle. The spout is specially designed to make sure no fluid drips or splashes. The kettle also has dry boil protection and blue lights to let you know when the kettle is heating up.

Best of all, the kettle was designed with silence in mind. Even boiling water will not sound noisy inside this kettle.

As an added aesthetic bonus, silver is not the only color option for this model. The electric kettle also comes in pastel colors like pink and green.

Ovente 1.7 Liter Electric Kettle

This Ovente electric kettleis ideal for people on a budget who want a simple experience. This kettle is cheaper than most others, yet it still has the key features you’d want in an electric kettle.

Its size is large enough to serve multiple people at once. Further, it has an automatic shutoff feature once the water boils.

Another safety feature is its blue light, which shines brightly when the kettle is heating up, then turns off once the kettle is finished heating. A built-in, irremovable filter prevents limescale deposits.

The thick, BPA-free plastic wall serves as great insulation for the water inside. It makes the boiling water quieter and also keeps it warmer for longer.

In addition, this electric kettle is low-power. Not only will this save you on energy bills, but it also makes the kettle even quieter. The most powerful kettles tend to be the noisiest.

Overall, this kettle is for people who simply want hot water with no bells and whistles. There is no temperature dial or other premium features, but this is a great budget-friendly kettle that has the essential features you’d expect of a kettle.

If the off-white color of the plastic is not your cup of tea, the model also comes in other colors, such as matte black, red, and green.

Eglaf 0.5 Liter Portable Electric Kettle

This small yet industrious Eglaf kettle is perfect for people who travel often and want hot water anywhere they go. It’s great for business trips or vacations, where you may just want a single serving of hot water of a quick hot drink or instant noodles.

The kettle is also ideal for college students, who may live in dorms or other compact living spaces where a larger kettle would be a burden.

Its safety features are another added bonus if you’re living in confined quarters. The inner wall is stainless steel, and the outer wall is an insulating material that makes the kettle cool to the touch. You don/t have to worry about burning yourself if you accidentally bump into this kettle.

Other safety features include boil dry protection and auto-shutoff abilities.

It only saps up about 800 watts of power, which is about half what conventional kettles use. This, of course, makes the Eglaf kettle low-powered and weaker than most other kettles, but it has the bonus of being quieter than the vast majority of its competitors.

The electric kettle comes in 2 pleasant colors: pastel pink or pastel blue.

Haden DORSET 1.7 Liter Stainless Steel Retro Electric Kettle

Whether the design appeals to you or not, it is undeniable that the Haden DORSET electric kettle is one of the most unique electric kettles available online. The stainless steel body is painted a shiny, lacquered red, and the plastic handle seems to defy gravity as it hovers over the kettle.

Placed prominently in the center of the electric kettle is a large temperature gauge, which allows you to monitor the internal temperature at all times.

There are some plastic components on the kettle in contact with hot water, but they are all BPA-free.

A water viewing window allows you to see precisely how much water is in the kettle.

Despite its intricate design, the functionality of the kettle is quite basic. Simply flip a switch, and the kettle and a light will come on. It comes with dry boil protection so that the kettle will shut off if the water dips below a certain level.

For those who would prefer a less eyecatching kettle, the model also comes in a more muted cream color.

KRUPS 1.7 Liter Variable Temperature Electric Kettle

This KRUPS electric kettle is fully stainless steel save for a few components, such as the handle. This helps keep the handle cool to the touch.

Instead of the typical dial, this electric kettle has an 8 button panel on the handle. 6 of the buttons allow you to select preset temperatures. The buttons even suggest which type of tea goes best with each preset temperature.

The other 2 buttons include a power button and a keep warm option, which will keep the water at the preset temperature for 30 minutes.

The handle seems a bit large and unwieldy, and the kettle as a whole seems bulky. This will not be an issue for some buyers, but for buyers who struggle to grasp and hold objects, you may wish to look for a more user-friendly kettle.

The electric kettle promises fast boiling. However, the tradeoff is that fast boiling kettles are not as quiet as other kettles. While the kettle will not be overly noisy due to its modern construction, you should look elsewhere if you need an exceptionally quiet product.

KRUPS Smart Temp 1.7 Liter Digital Kettle

Those who want to add a touch of futurism to their kitchen will appreciate this KRUPS large capacity digital kettle. It includes a large screen that displays the internal temperature and 5 preset temperature options. The large screen blends in seamlessly with the black body of the kettle, which creates a very pleasing look.

The outer wall is made of an insulating material that makes the kettle cool to the touch. The inner wall is fully stainless steel, so no plastic is ever in contact with hot water at any time. The double-layer also helps keep the boiling water inside as quiet as possible.

One thing to keep in mind is that this product is not designed for left-handed folks. The base does allow 360 degrees of rotation, so theoretically, it doesn’t matter which of your hands is dominant. However, the digital screen is only visible when the handle of the kettle is angled for right-handed pouring.

Collapsible Electric Kettle

If you want the ultimate portable electric kettle, this Electric Collapsible kettle is the product for you. While already smaller than average, the kettle can collapse to about a third of its original size to make it even more portable.

This electric kettle can be used in even the tightest of spaces, such as closet-like college dorm rooms.

It can boil up to half a liter of water, so it can handle both your morning cup of tea and your instant oatmeal in one pot.

The kettle has all the safety features you’d need, such as boil dry protection and an auto-shutoff feature for when the water reaches boiling temperature.

The kettle is made fully out of food-grade silicone. This keeps the price down, but people who are taste sensitive may taste a mild yet unpleasant plastic aftertaste.

Since the kettle is so tiny and power-saving, it is one of the quietest kettles you’ll find online. The only drawback is that it will take longer to boil water due to its power-saving features.

Spardar Water Heating Cup for Car

Have a long road trip planned or travel often? The Spardar heating cup is like a mini electric kettle that allows you to boil up to 11 ounces of water in the car. The cord is specially designed to plug right into your car’s cigarette lighter socket.

At full capacity, the cup takes about 16 minutes to boil the water, which you can then use for teas, instant coffee, noodles, and more. The wait time is rather lengthy, so it’s not ideal for short trips to the grocery store or shorter commutes.

You might be wary of bringing a device capable of boiling water into a car due to the potential for spillage, but Spardar does a good job providing a wealth of safety features.

The lid seems durable and seals well, so you don’t have to worry about leaks. In addition, the cup automatically shuts off once it starts to boil. It also has boil dry protection.

Silicone on the bottom of the cup is textured and cool to the touch, so you can grab it safely even when the mini kettle is at its hottest. It’s unclear whether the stainless steel is

The cup is also temperature adjustable, so you don’t have to heat it until it boils if you don’t feel safe doing so or if it’s not necessary.

For what it is, this device is a bit steep in price. However, consider that this is a unique design patent, so Spardar is one of the only companies selling products like these. Further, a lower price may make the company skimp on safety features or build quality, which is undesirable with a product like this where safety is paramount.

Buying Considerations

With how many electric kettle options are available on the Internet, it’s important to take a moment to consider what features are most important to you so that you purchase a kettle that suits your needs.

Kettle Features

Are you an avid tea drinker that knows the optimal brewing temperature for each kind of tea? If so, a variable temperature electric kettle is almost a necessity for you. On the other hand, if you merely want to flip a switch and have hot water a few minutes later, then save your money and get a simpler kettle.

Safety features are also key considerations. At minimum, an electric kettle should have boil dry protection so that it shuts off if the kettle becomes too low on water. Also, it’s nice if it has an auto-shutoff feature so that you don’t have to fret if you accidentally leave your kettle on.

Double-walled kettles are perfect for people with children because they make the kettle cool to the touch. With this, curious kids can’t easily burn themselves on a hot kettle exterior.

As added bonuses, double-walled kettles allow water to heat up faster and stay hot longer. They also typically muffle the noise of the boiling water, which makes the kettle quieter.

Another useful feature is a keep-warm function. If you plan to use the kettle multiple times within a time period, it’s nice if you can push a button and have the water stay at a set temperature for 30 minutes or longer.

Form Factor

A key component of form factor is the materials used in the construction of the kettle. The cheapest kettles will typically use plastic. Plastic typically runs cooler than metal, but some people report that it gives the water an odd taste.

Further, some people look to avoid plastic because it usually contains BPA.

Stainless steel is one of the most common materials designers use. It’s durable yet lightweight, and it gives the kettle a modern look. However, stainless steel too can sometimes give the water a slightly off, metallic taste.

Glass is becoming increasingly common in electric kettles. It gives the kettle a unique look, and it’s useful to be able to see the exact water level and whether it’s boiling yet or not. An added bonus is that glass will give your drinks zero unpleasant aftertastes.

One of the rarest materials, but perhaps the most premium, is ceramic. Ceramic gives the kettle a classic, vintage aesthetic. It also produces water free of a plastic or metallic aftertaste.

Another aspect of form factor is the bulk of the device. Kettles with large capacities will naturally be bulkier and harder to pour. Smaller electric kettles, such as ones that are 1 liter, are easy to handle and perfect for serving only 1 to 2 people.

Large yet smooth handles also add to the bulk of the electric kettle. If you struggle to grasp objects, it’s best to purchase a kettle with a textured grip to minimize slippage.

Next, size is an obvious consideration. If you often entertain or have a large family, it makes sense to buy a large electric kettle, typically 1.7 liters or larger. However, if only 1 or 2 people use the kettle at a time, a large kettle may be bulky and unnecessary. Consider a kettle that has a volume of about a liter.

Next is noise level. If you want the quietest possible kettle, look for one specifically engineered to be quiet. They typically have features like double insulated walls and low power consumption. 


How can I make my kettle quieter?

Insulation will decrease the noise of the boiling water inside the kettle. You can place rubber mats beneath the kettle or even cover the kettle with a cosy or other insulating device.

Limescale buildup also contributes to high noise levels. Various rinses, such as a vinegar rinse that you can find online, help remove limescale and thus mitigate noise.

What is the quietest possible kettle?

The most silent kettles are those specifically engineered for low noise. They typically have double walls for insulation and have a low wattage. Indeed, an unfortunate tradeoff is that more powerful kettles tend to be noisier.

The Eglaf portable electric kettle and the ASCOT stainless steel kettle are 2 options among the quietest on the market.

Should I search for a BPA-free electric kettle?

BPA is a chemical used to make certain plastics. Most plastic electric kettles will contain some BPA, so it’s valid to be concerned about it.

BPA has been shown to negatively affect the brain development of children. At very low doses, however, the chemical is not harmful.

Hot water coming into contact with plastic may be a concern because it causes the plastic to break down slightly, which can release BPA into the water. Not enough research has been done to determine if this is a high enough dose to cause negative health effects.

At the end of the day, it’s your choice to make whether you wish the avoid electric kettles that contain BPA or not. Those that err on the side of caution or those with small children will probably want to avoid kettles that contain BPA. However, it’s also valid to purchase a kettle that contains some BPA since the FDA has said that it is safe to consume in very small quantities.

Final Word

Electric kettles these days range from tiny and portable to big enough to serve an entire family. Their features and designs are equally as diverse. However, the decision-making process doesn’t have to be difficult if you take a bit of time to ponder the key features you’re looking for.

The quietest kettles also tend to be the weakest. However, some smartly designed kettles such as the Kenwood electric kettle are quiet but also powerful. The Kenwood is the overall best electric kettle for most folks because it has the most optimal blend of key features while not being exorbitantly expensive.

However, its looks are a bit utilitarian. Those searching for a beautiful addition to their home may appreciate the BELLA electric kettle, which is a ceramic kettle that comes in a variety of pleasing patterns, such as black floral.

People on the move will appreciate the Collapsible kettle, which is collapsible to save an incredible amount of space when traveling.

Those with big families or those who simply wish to share the love may want a large electric kettle. In that case, the Corsoi electric kettle is one of the biggest kettles you’ll find at a volume of 2 liters.

Whatever your case, you have a plethora of electric kettles to choose from until you find the perfect one to suit your needs.

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