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Are you looking for a way to make your home office quieter? Improve the sound quality in your media or living room? Are the kids running around outside waking the newborn, or just tired of the incessant street noise?

These are some of the reasons we began specializing in soundproofing. After we started publishing articles on Better Soundproofing we discovered that eliminating noise is, unfortunately, a high priority for many people at one time or another in their lives.

Our Team

Terry Schutz Terry Schutz on Linkedin

Terry Schutz writer and editor
Terry Schutz

Terry is the lead writer and editor for Better Soundproofing. When it comes to soundproofing he is accurate and correct. In all other ways, he is a proud “incorrectionist.”

He brings decades of hands-on construction experience to BetterSoundproofing.com. Terry ran his own business as an expert window and door installer. He also performed countless home improvement, renovation and restoration projects in his time in the industry.



Kelly Brayton Kelly Brayton on Linkedin

Kelly Brayton
Kelly Brayton

Kelly graduated from Purdue University with a degree in Chemical Engineering. She has begun working on her Master’s at Columbia University this Fall. She has worked in the lab doing academic research, and has worked as a teaching assistant in the engineering program.

Kelly enjoys writing and employing her keen mind and quirky sense of humor toward helping us all find soundproofing solutions.




Eugene Sokol


We aren’t completely sure about Eugene’s last name because he’s a privacy nut and won’t tell us. We do know that he is an avid DIYer who understands acoustics and soundproofing from his considerable home renovation experience.

He’s performed basement, walls, ceiling, and floor soundproofing projects, created acoustic panels, built a media room, built a performance room for a music band and much more.



Editorial Policy

Above all else, we strive to provide information that is helpful. That means providing you clear answers to your questions, accurate solutions to your problems, and thorough plans for accomplishing your sound reduction and energy-saving projects.

Our writers have full discretion in the solutions they propose and the products and tools they recommend.

We link to high-quality external sources for your convenience and do our best to recommend resources that share our bias toward accuracy.

Product Reviews

We provide lists of the quietest items for your home, work and life. Our recommendations and cautions are based on the product sound and quality characteristics relative to other choices on the market.

Products on our recommended lists are selected independently by our writers and their selections are not influenced by manufacturers.

Product reviews are based on research into product performance and are influenced by customer experience, product specifications, relevance, comparison to competing products, personal experience, product testing and additional factors.

Our Business

Better Soundproofing earns commissions when our readers click a link on our website and make a qualifying purchase on an associated retailer website. For more information see our affiliate disclosure.

We also earn from advertising networks that display ads on our pages.

Our Values

We hold ourselves to high standards of conduct in every business dealing. We hold ourselves to higher standards in attempting to provide the most useful resource on the internet to the hundred thousand plus readers who visit this website each month.