car hood insulation in a volvo

DIY Under Hood Insulation

Installing Do-It-Yourself under hood insulation is actually a fairly easy process–with the proper products, a bit of time, and patience. Most of the products you can use for under-hood insulation and/or soundproofing are very user-friendly. … Read more

pouring thick motor oil

Will Thicker Oil Make an Engine Quieter?

As with many automotive sounds, the answers to ‘Will Thicker Oil Quiet Engine Noise?’ is yes/no/maybe/sometimes. Because you need to identify the noise–then remedy it. In this short article, we will help you do both. … Read more

mechanic working on engine lifters

How to Quiet and Fix Noisy Lifters

Lifter noise is usually a message from your vehicle. “Hey, I need some attention”. Ranging from fairly minor–to go straight to the mechanic. Here are 7 noisy lifter fixes. You can easily take care of … Read more

gray sound deadening car mat

Kilmat vs Noico vs Dynamat vs Hushmat

Vehicle soundproofing. I am not sure if it is becoming an art form, a national pastime, a personal obsession, a search for quiet, or a combination of some, or all, of these. Whatever moves you, … Read more

Car on lift, man working on exhaust pipe

How to Quiet a Loud Exhaust

Vehicle exhaust systems do not just exist to deaden motor noise. They provide safety to the occupants by moving potentially deadly gases away from the driver’s compartment. So if your exhaust is loud or getting … Read more

car speakers in door

How to Fix Car Speaker Rattle

Road Trip! That term conjures up many meanings for people. Mostly enjoyable. Mostly including loud music. But the pleasure can quickly be diluted if your car speakers sound like someone shaking a can of pebbles. … Read more

Two warn struts

How to Quiet Noisy Strut Mounts

Strut mounts not only secure the struts to the vehicle chassis, they are designed to provide a sound dampening effect between the moving parts under the vehicle and the passenger cabin. When they start making … Read more

mechanic using additive to quiet engine noise

The Best Additive To Quiet Engine Noise

If your noisy engine drives you crazy, consider an engine treatment before spending a fortune at a mechanic shop. The Liqui Moly engine flush is miles ahead of the competition because it cleans, lubricates, and … Read more