Suptikes Soundproof Door Draft Stopper installed on interior door

The Best Soundproof Door Sweep of 2021

Wherever air flows or light shows, noise will come through. Some of the biggest culprits are the spaces between the bottoms of doors and the floor below them. All the soundproofing of walls, ceilings, floors, … Read more

Noisy neighbor keeping man awake in bed

How to Get Revenge on Noisy Neighbors

Urban living can provide many advantages. Quick and easy access to shopping, entertainment, schools, sports facilities, and communities with good to great neighbors and friends.  Unfortunately, it can also provide loud, noisy, inconsiderate, annoying, and … Read more

Guy listening to a quiet paper shredder

Best Quiet Paper Shredder of 2021

Paper shredders can be noisy–sometimes producing well in excess of 80 decibels of noise. Here are 10 much quieter paper shredders. Every one of them produces under 70 decibels of noise, which is what you … Read more

Man blowing leaves in front of house with quiet leaf blower

The Quietest Leaf Blower of 2021

We selected and reviewed leaf blowers that operate at 70 decibels or less. Improvements in technology have resulted in some very powerful blowers with high airspeed and air volume (CFM) that are surprisingly quiet. Although … Read more

Man cutting board with a quiet jigsaw

The Quietest Cordless Jigsaw of 2021

Although jigsaws are most often used to cut circles and other non-straight lines, they can also be the only cutting tool small enough to fit into tight spaces and still perform as required. And with … Read more

boy and girl opening a door quietly

How to Open a Door Quietly

A door is one of those things we take for granted. That they just work. Until one, or more, start making noise. Invariably, you notice the noise when you are trying to be quiet–like trying … Read more

foam in soundproof closet

How to Soundproof a Closet

Why would you want to, or need to, soundproof a closet. Turns out there are quite a few good, viable reasons. Maybe to use it as a recording space. Maybe to just play music–or listen … Read more