baby sleeping in nursery in crib

How to Soundproof the Baby’s Room (Nursery)

WooHoo! Now you’ve done it. You are having a baby. Once the excitement is over, everyone you know will have comments, or advice. Quite a few of the comments (often from smirking, childless, know-nothing acquaintances–many … Read more

man cutting underlayment for laminate floor

Best Soundproof Underlayment

Do I Need Soundproofing Underlayment? Absolutely not. As long as you are not terribly concerned about noise. Footsteps. Loud conversation. Louder music. Kids running. Things falling. You get the idea. Life going on around you. … Read more

guy at a sound board in a recording studio

How to Sound Treat a Room

Sound Treatment or Soundproofing or Both So your musical progression has passed the stage of listening to music, to making music, to recording music (or whatever passes for music today). Or you want to upgrade … Read more

garage door opener repair

How to Quiet a Garage Door Opener

Quiet the Garage Door System Noises produced by the garage door are usually blamed on the opener just like furnace noises are usually blamed on the blower. In both cases you are dealing with a … Read more

chart of decibel levels of common sounds

OITC Rating

What is an OITC Rating? OITC stands for Outdoor-Indoor Transmission Class. It is a relatively new (around 1990) system developed to measure how products perform in keeping outside sounds from penetrating into your living space, … Read more

Typical Air Return Installation

How to Quiet a Noisy Air Return

What is Causing the Noise in Your Air Return? Are you hearing noise from your air return? Before trying to resolve the issue, make certain that is the problem. Your enemy could be flanking noise. … Read more

man soundproofing garage

How to Soundproof a Garage

Before jumping into a project like this you will need to answer some questions and make some decisions. Soundproofing your garage can be a quick, one-weekend project with a small cost. Or you might be … Read more