underneath stair treads

How to Make Stairs Quieter

The noises you hear coming from your stairs are almost invariably, squeaks. Over time wood dries out and nails loosen up. Most squeaks can be silenced. Some repairs are a little more difficult to make … Read more

rigid shop vac sitting outside on a box

How to Make a Shop Vac Quieter

Shop vacs are loud. Those that are generally bought and used in homes or garages produce between 70 decibels and 80 decibels of noise. Commercial shop vacs will regularly make over 85 decibels of noise. … Read more

Older gas powered mower in the grass

How to Make a Lawnmower Quieter

Push gas lawnmowers produce around 85 decibels of noise. At that sound level, hearing damage can begin in 2 hours. Riding gas mowers come in at over 100 decibels, while push electric mowers are around … Read more

two computer keyboards on desk

How to Make a Keyboard Quieter

The average typing speed is around 40 words per minute. At 5 keystrokes per word, you are producing, and/or hearing 200 keystrokes per minute. On a mechanical keyboard that can add up to a lot … Read more

Aquarium with Air Pump Bubbling

How to Make Aquarium Air Pumps Quieter

It is a little difficult to truly appreciate the peace and tranquility of your fish tank when your air pump sounds like an electric pencil sharpener. At around 45 decibels–about the noise made by your … Read more

DIY soundproof box with air compressor inside

How to Make Air Compressor Quieter

Air compressors are loud–typically putting out 70 – 80 decibels of noise. This is not quite up to hearing loss levels (85 decibels and higher), but it might get uncomfortable if you are working close … Read more

a row of high heeled shoes with woman standing at end of the row wearing one pair

How to Make Heels Quieter

Loud click-clacking heels can certainly make your entrance into a room more noticeable. But unless you are a Kardashian, that type of attention may not always be what you are trying to achieve. As many … Read more

Hamster in red wheel in cage

How to Make a Hamster Wheel Quieter

Hamster wheels are noisy; especially at night. Doesn’t seem right when the wheel is operated by a 4 ounce pet.  If you, or someone in your family, are losing sleep because of this and other … Read more

blue and white electric toothbrush

How to Make an Electric Tooth Brush Quieter

Electric tooth brushes tend to sound louder than they actually are. Obviously there is the noise of the brush motor reaching your ears. But it is magnified because the noise and vibration are transferred through … Read more

Side view of door with door knobs extending out

How to Make Door Knobs Quieter

Squeaking, scraping, grinding? Sounds like a cement mixer. Nope. It’s your door knob/handle. Door knobs can be quite noisy–usually after years of soundless use. And, quite often, neglect. Nothing like doing your best to be … Read more