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The Best and Quietest Lawn Mower

Noisy gas lawn mowers are a thing of the past for most people due to modern electric and manual mowers, which are both affordable and powerful enough to get the job done right. The LawnMaster 16″ electric lawn mower is the best overall mower this year due to its ability to provide a quiet and hassle-free mowing experience.

Top 6 Best Quiet Lawn MowersWhy It's BestRating
LawnMaster 16" Corded Electric Lawn MowerWhisper quiet, lightweight, affordable, large capacity grass bag★★★★★
Sun Joe 14" Cordless Lawn MowerWhisper quiet, very lightweight, inexpensive, maneuverable★★★★★
Makita 18" Brushless, Cordless Lawn MowerVery quiet, designed for larger lawns, durable, long battery life★★★★★
Greenworks 20" Cordless Twin Force MowerDual blades for superior cutting, multiple power modes, lightweight, larger mowing deck★★★★
American Lawn Mower Company 14" Manual MowerWhisper quiet, no vibrations, maneuverable, extremely ligthweight★★★★
Greenworks 19" Cordless Lawn MowerVery quiet, lightweight, maneuverable★★★★

The Best Quiet Lawn Mower of 2023

Makita Brushless, Cordless 18″ Lawn Mower

The Makita 18″ lawnmower has a long battery life, making it a prime choice for those with large lawns, or those who don’t want to charge their mower as often.

It has a steel cutting deck, which makes the Makita mower more durable than its plastic competitors. It is also quieter than most mowers, which means you can mow early in the morning without worrying about waking anyone.

However, these features come at a cost. This model is pricier than most others on this list. And, while the blade height is adjustable, some will think the maximum cutting height is still too low.

LawnMaster Corded 16-Inch Electric Lawn Mower

The LawnMaster electric mower is the best option for most users. It can mow small to mid-sized lawns on a single charge. It features a large grass bag, so you don’t have to empty it frequently.

The blades have a big range of height adjustment options, and the handles are adjustable too. Users can cut grass as low as one inch.

The mower is also quiet enough to use in the morning. Its efficient 12 Amp electric motor keeps noise and vibrations as minimal as possible. The mower is easy to handle, so it can be used by virtually anyone, including children and older people.

It’s very lightweight and has a foldable handle, so the mower is easy to move and store even in tight spaces.

Overall, this mower is the best option for people on a budget looking for a hassle-free mowing experience. It offers a fantastic blend of reliability and affordability.

Greenworks 20-Inch Electric Corded Lawn Mower

The Greenworks 20-Inch Lawn Mower is a solid choice for people with mid-sized yards. It has a fair price point for an electric mower, and it comes with many useful features.

This mower can mulch grass and leaves or discharge them from the side. It also comes with a rear bag. Its deck is made of steel, which will ensure it lasts longer than plastic mowers.

It’s also a quiet mower, so you won’t need to use earplugs.

The mower is corded, and I recommended that users buy an extension cord. Many find corded mowers to be a hassle, so this may be a dealbreaker for some people.

Besides the cord, maneuverability is good. The body is lightweight, and the wheels are large for easier movement.

Greenworks 20-Inch Cordless Twin Force Lawn Mower

This Greenworks 20-inch mower is ideal for people with tougher lawns or taller grass. It has two steel blades instead of one, which give it better cutting capabilities.

It also has multiple modes. Users can adjust the mower to either give better power or better battery life.

Regardless, it has an impressive battery life due to its dual batteries.

The mower is quiet, has mulching capabilities, and comes with a rear bag.

The deck is plastic, so the mower is lightweight, but plastic tends to be less long lasting than steel. You can buy protection plans to ensure that you get a full life out of this mower.

The extra features come at a steeper price point, so I recommend considering if the extra features are worth it.

American Lawn Mower Company 14-Inch Push Lawn Mower

The American Lawn Mower Company 14-Inch Lawn Mower has a compact design that is perfect for smaller yards. It is a manual mower, so it will take longer to mow a lawn versus a gas or electric mower. Those with mid-sized or larger lawns may want to look elsewhere.

However, a major upside of manual mowers is that they are the cheapest and quietest mowers you’ll find on the market.

It has polymer wheels that make the mower so lightweight that it can be carried in one hand. It’s a great option for the elderly or those that don’t want to struggle with a large mower.

An upside of these smaller mowers is that they are easier to transport, so purchasing them online is less of a risk. Assembly is also a breeze, as no tools are required to put the mower together.

Keep in mind that this mower is not for super tough or thick terrain. It has four blades, whereas more powerful manual mowers have five blades.

Greenworks 19-Inch Cordless Battery Powered Lawn Mower

The Greenworks 19-inch mower is designed for average-sized lawns. Users note that it is quieter than a vacuum cleaner, making this an ideal choice for people searching for a very quiet lawn mower.

Like most Greenworks options, this mower is primarily plastic, which makes it lightweight. Its large wheels also make it easy to maneuver.

It has a higher price than some other options listed, but it has more features, such as multiple height adjustments, mulching, and a rear bag.

Snapper XD MAX Cordless 19″ Push Lawn Mower

The Snapper 19″ lawn mower’s selling point is its batteries, which are quick charging and long lasting. It has all the features of a higher-end quiet electric mower, such as large wheels for maneuverability, a wider deck, mulching capabilities, and side discharge.

This mower can also be stored vertically for people lacking in storage space.

However, it is not a light mower, so only buy it if you are willing and able to transport a heavier lawn mower.

Sun Joe 14-Inch Cordless Lawn Mower

The Sun Joe 14-inch lawn mower is one of the lightest quietest, and most affordable electric mowers on the market. It is also highly maneuverable due to its smaller size.

However, the compact size has drawbacks. The smaller cutting deck means that those with larger yards should be prepared to make more passes to get the job done. Also, consider if your yard is the right size for this mower. It is designed to mow up to a quarter of an acre on a full charge.

This lawn mower comes with features like adjustable height, mulching capabilities, and a large capacity grass bag.

Ryobi ONE+ Cordless Lawn Mower

This Ryobi 13″ lawn mower is a smart choice for people who live in smaller or more densely-populated areas. It’s small either to maneuver around tight spaces, and it’s quiet enough that it won’t disturb your neighbors.

The mower is also easy to carry and fold. However, one downside is that the battery life is short. If you have a small lawn, this shouldn’t be an issue, but those with larger yawns may need to buy a second battery.

Worx PowerShare 17″ Lawn Mower

The Worx 17″ mower comes with some interesting features. It allows the user the switch the blades to a higher power when cutting thick terrain, then dial back the power for easier terrain.

The rear bag also has a fullness indicator so that you don’t have to check it as often to know whether the bag is full or not.

Other notable features are that it is lightweight, quiet, adjustable, and has a rear discharger.

BLACK+DECKER 20″ Corded Battery Powered Lawn Mower

This BLACK+DECKER lawn mower is great for landscaping. It has technology that allows users to mow right up to fences and other lawn fixtures safely and effectively for a manicured appearance.

The grass bag on this model is large, which means you don’t have to worry about grass clippings littering your yard.

In addition, it comes from a trusted brand, and buyers report that their unit is durable and long lasting despite the body being made of plastic. However, the plastic body does have benefits, as it makes the mower lighter and easier to transport. 

Like most corded lawn mowers, this model does not come with an extension cord, so you will have to supply your own.

EGO Power+ 20″ Self Propelled Lawn Mower

An interesting selling point of this EGO lawn mower is its self propelling capabilities. Indeed, users don’t have to apply any force to move the mower forward. Instead, they simply walk behind the mower and guide its path.

The mower has multiple speeds, depending on how fast you want to walk behind the mower.

This feature makes it a great buy for users who don’t want to wear themselves out when mowing the lawn. As you might expect, its self propulsion makes this model a bit steeper in price compared to traditional push lawn mowers.

One important consideration for potential buyers is that the unit in the above link does not come with a battery and charger. People must either supply their own battery or purchase one separately.

Other features of this model include a brushless and cordless design, mulching capabilities, and a durable steel deck.

POWERWORKS 21″ Brushless Electric Lawn Mower

This POWERWORKS electric lawn mower is ideal for lawns up to three quarters of an acre, meaning it’s great for people who have larger than average lawns.

It also has a wide cutting deck, so users won’t have to make as many passes to mow their entire lawn.

As with all electric lawn mowers, this model is much quieter than any gas-powered lawn mower. The POWERWORKS mower is, however, similar to gas lawn mowers in terms of power. This mower might be a good fit for you if you need a powerful mower for thick or tall grass.

The unit is not lightweight, but it does allow you to store it vertically in order to save space.

Further, it has adjustable handles and seven different cutting deck heights.

Worx Landroid Power Share Robotic Lawn Mower

Yes, you read that right. We have robotic vacuums, robotic limbs, and now robotic lawn mowers.

This model can be used on lawns up to half an acre. It’s quiet, and users can program how often they want the unit to mow. It’s possible for the Landroid to mow every single day.

It has a lot of smart features, such as a sensor that detects rain. When rain is detected, the Landroid will go back to its shelter.

The unit also comes with an app so that owners can track its progress. Also, the app notifies owners immediately if the unit is moved beyond its boundary, as in the case of an attempted theft.

One downside is that the Landroid cuts in a random pattern. This means that if you like nice, straight lines, you may wish to look elsewhere.

Another point that may be a downside to some is that you have to install boundary wire for the Landroid to operate, which can take up to a couple of hours.

CRAFTSMAN 21″ 140 cc Gas-Powered Push Lawn Mower

This is the only gas-powered lawn mower to make this list, but don’t let that deter you. The CRAFTSMAN gas lawn mower is modern enough that it can be started with a single pull and requires little maintenance.

Its modernity also means that it produces fewer vibrations and is quieter than its predecessors. However, if some noise and vibrations are a concern for you, then you may wish to consider an alternative product on this list.

The engine is small, so this model is naturally quieter than its larger gas-powered competitors.

Consider this product if your lawn is simply too large for an electric mower to tackle in a single charge, or if you have exceptionally tall or thick weeds that require the extra power of a gas mower.

It has features to make the mowing experience even more painless. It has mulching abilities, multiple cutting heights, and a side discharge option.

Earthwise 14″ Corded Electric Lawn Mower

The Earthwise 14″ lawnmower is one of the lightest electric mowers on the market, weighing in at only about 21 pounds. This would be a great choice for parents looking to teach their kids to mow the lawn, or for anyone who wants to be able to carry their mower easily in one hand.

Potential buyers will also be impressed with the low price of this model. Keep in mind that there are tradeoffs with any product, and the Earthwise mower is no exception. Don’t expect this mower to outlive any of its higher cost, more premium competitors, especially if those competitors are made of more durable materials such as steel.

The small size also makes it great for people who are low on storage space. Additionally, the handles are foldable, making this model even more compact.

This product offers five cutting heights, which is about the same as most other models, and that should be enough to find your preferred grass height.

The only hassle users may experience with this model is that it is corded. However, for small lawns, this should not be a noticeable impediment.

Scotts Outdoor Power Tools 20″ Reel Lawn Mower

This 20″ mower from Scotts Outdoor Power Tools is for people who want the quiet of a manual lawn mower without sacrificing efficiency. The 20″ wide deck ensures that you can mow your lawn in fewer passes than it would take with smaller mowers.

In addition, it has five blades rather than four. This makes it superior for cutting through difficult terrain. An additional feature is that it has nine cutting heights, which is better than average.

This product also comes with an extra set of wheels to enhance maneuverability. The wheels do come at a cost, though. This model is harder to store than typical manual lawn mowers.

The added bulk means that the mower is heavier than the average reel lawn mower. You may find that it takes a bit of effort to push it compared to some other lightweight models.

Another consideration is that, due to the design of manual mowers, the five blades require sharpening. However, the blades are made of a high quality steel alloy, so you will only have to sharpen the blades about every year or so.

Greenworks 10 Amp 16-inch Corded Mower

This model has an impressive repertoire of features despite being only a bit pricier than the average electric lawnmower.

What makes the Greenworks mower stand out is that it has 10 Amps of power. It converts easily from rear bag to mulch too and can cut tough grass.

Another nice feature is its steel body, which ensures that it lasts for multiple seasons. The unique style makes this easy to find in your garage and it’s easy to clean too. 

It has mulching, rear bagging, and side discharge capabilities. The cutting height is adjustable, but I noticed that the minimum height is not very low. Those who want a more golf field type of grass might want to look at mowers with a better range of deck heights.

The mower is middle-of-the-road in terms of weight, but it is easy to store due to its foldable handles.

Things to Consider

Your Lawn

When purchasing a new mower, it is important to consider your own lawn and its needs.

Lawns with tough terrain or long grass may need a mower with more than one blade. Likewise, you would benefit from a lawn mower with multiple powers modes so that you can amp up the power when tackling thick grass. The Greenworks Twin Force lawn mower offers both of these features.

Those with small yards, such as people who live in urban areas, may prefer an electric mower with a smaller cutting deck, such as 14″ or smaller. This makes it easier to maneuver around tight areas.

In densely-populated areas, having a whisper quiet electric lawn mower becomes paramount. Buyers may also want to consider purchasing a manual mower.

Manual mowers are more time consuming than their gas or electric alternatives, but they are the quietest and the easiest to handle. Manual mowers produce no vibrations, so they are a breeze for most people to handle.

On the other hand, people with large lawns, perhaps those who live in rural areas, should carefully consider battery life if they want to purchase an electric mower. Look for mowers with up to four batteries or mowers with upgradeable batteries. This model from Makita has four batteries and is designed to provide a long battery life.

Another consideration is the width of the cutting deck. A wider cutting deck means that the user would need to make fewer passes to mow the entire lawn. This can save valuable time with big yards.

Past a certain size, people with large lawns may wish to consider a gas-powered lawn mower. They are louder, harder to handle, and produce more vibrations, but their power cannot be beat by electric and manual mowers. In addition, features like self propulsion can take the headache out of mowing large lawns.

Your Needs

Additional crucial considerations are the budget and physical ability of the user.

Manual lawn mowers are the most budget friendly, but they can have significant drawbacks. They are designed for smaller yards, so anyone with vast stretches of land will have to exert himself or herself to get the job done.

Electric and gas lawn mowers are comparable in price. Mowers with only basic features, such as a rear bag, are highly affordable.

Plastic lawn mowers tend to be significantly cheaper than their steel counterparts. Naturally, the reduction in cost will also come at a reduction in durability and longevity.

However, buyers looking for more advanced features, like self propelling abilities, will need to be prepared to spend quite a bit more.

In addition, be sure to take into account your own physical abilities. The elderly, children, and physically disabled people would benefit from lawn mowers with few to no vibrations.

Manual mowers produce virtually no vibrations and no noise. They are also light enough to be carried in one hand. This makes them extremely user friendly.

Brushless electric lawn mowers also feature reduced vibrations. As an added bonus, brushless motors are even more powerful and more efficient than conventional motors.

Other features that make lawn mowers more user friendly include self propelling capabilities, adjustable handle heights, and lightweight design.

FAQs About Quiet Lawn Mowers

What can I do to make my lawn mower quieter?

A lot of noise can come from rocks, sticks, and other debris hitting the cutting deck. Sound-deadening materials, such as the ones from Kilmat, applied to the deck can prevent these irritating noises.

Other solutions include repairing the muffler on your gas-powered lawn mower.

If nothing seems to fix the noise, consider buying a new mower. Manual and electric lawn mowers are more quiet than gas mowers. However, if you need a gas mower, then search for one with a smaller engine.

Are there any completely silent lawn mowers?

Manual, or human-powered lawn mowers, are the most quiet. Electric mowers are the next quietest. The models from Sun Joe, LawnMaster, and Makita are particularly quiet.

Gas mowers will always be louder than their electric counterparts, but regular maintenance can keep them as quiet as possible. CRAFTSMAN makes an affordable mower with a modern design to minimize noise and vibrations.

Which lawn mowers are the most reliable?

Brand name is not always the most important when it comes to reliability. Instead, research the quality of the materials that go into making the lawn mower.

Steel cutting decks are generally more reliable and durable than plastic cutting decks. Likewise, look for steel blades.

This 21″ Snapper model has a steel mowing deck and is built for durability.

Also, electric mowers require less maintenance and repair than gas lawn mowers. Users also don’t have to fuss with oil, filter changes, or engine troubles.

What should I consider when purchasing a lawn mower online?

Purchasing a lawn mower online may seem like risky business, but luckily online retailers like Amazon have made the process as risk free as possible. Still, there are several considerations when buying online.

First, consider that shipping may be slower than normal due to the weight of the product. Expect shipping to take up to two weeks. If you need a lawn mower more urgently, perhaps as a gift, consider buying one in person.

Next, make sure to read the listing carefully so that you know exactly what you are getting. Some listings, for example, are for electric mowers without the batteries included. Make sure you know exactly what you are buying so that you don’t have to spend more money than originally planned.

Another thing to check is whether the manufacturer offers a warranty, or if the seller has a generous return policy. This ensures that if you receive a product damaged by transport, you can get another one at no added cost to you.

Certain lawn mower models are challenging to purchase online due to their size. There are only a few riding lawn mowers currently available on Amazon, and they tend to be many times more expensive than other mowers mentioned here. I recommend buying such models in person, but if you would still like to purchase one, make sure to follow the guidelines above so that the process goes as smoothly as possible for you.

What is the safest and quietest lawn mower?

Silence and safety often go hand-in-hand. Maybe you want a quiet lawn mower so that you don’t want to wake a sleeping child. Naturally you would also want a safe lawn mower so you never have to worry about your children and pets when mowing.

Manual lawn mowers, such as this one from the American Lawn Mower Company, are naturally the safest and quietest. The lack of an engine or a battery means that the mower only moves when the user wants it to. The only risk comes from the blades, but that should not be an issue as long as you keep the mower in sight and store it properly when done using it.

However, manual mowers are not practical for people with larger lawns.

Another safe option I recommend is the Sun Joe 14″ mower. It is cordless, so you never have to worry about tripping over a cord or accidentally running over it with the mower.

Also, the mower is very lightweight, so you can better maintain control of it at all times.

The mower also features a safety switch to prevent accidentally starting the mower.

Final Word

The search for a silent lawn mower is a historically difficult challenge, but modern technology makes that search much more bearable.

Buyers today have a vast array of options to choose from. Manual, electric, and gas lawn mowers all have unique features and limitations.

From my research, I recommend this LawnMaster model lawn mower as the all around best choice for buyers. No other option offers its blend of affordability and quality.

The model is quiet enough that you don’t have to wear earplugs or wake your entire family when mowing the lawn.

Yet, some people may require features that the LawnMaster mower doesn’t have. I recommend this Makita lawn mower for people with larger than average yards who still want the silence of an electric lawn mower.

Electric lawn mowers may be unnecessary for people with limited storage space or small lawns. In that case, they may wish to consider this manual model from The American Lawn Mower Company.

Some people may have reserved a large budget for a lawn mower, and in that case you may be interested in some unusual features. This EGO Power+ lawn mower, for example, is self propelling. That can save a lot of time and energy.

Even better, the Landroid from Worx is a robotic lawn mower that does the job all for you. You can take back your weekends by letting this quiet device do the work for you (so long as you are willing to pay a pretty penny, of course).

Whatever your needs, rest assured that there is a lawn mower for you.

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