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The Best Soundproof Blinds

Windows equal noise–almost invariably. Glass does not have near the soundproofing ability of insulated walls. But you want, and need light and ventilation. Blinds, curtains, even moving blankets will cut down the noise of traffic, noisy neighbors, and the world, in general, that is reducing your quality of sleep and/or life. Following are 10 of the best soundproofing blinds available.

Top 6 Best Soundproof BlindsWhy It's BestRating
ShadesU 100% Blackout Window Roller Blinds Thick, heavy 3-layer blind. Multiple sizes available. Made to order if necessary. Waterproof.★★★★★
hechang Cordless Blackout Cellular BlindsPolyester fabric with aluminum foil woven in for light blocking and noise reduction. Cordless. Can be ordered custom made.★★★★★
Keego Blackout Blinds Top Down Bottom Up Cordless honeycomb blinds offer top down bottom up operation. 32 colors available. Made to order sizing. Claim 30 decibel sound reduction.★★★★★
WindowLady Roman Shades Window BlindsHeavy polyester material c/w lining to reduce noise. All blinds custom made. Corded, cordless, and motorized c/w remote options.★★★★★
CHICOLOGY Cordless Roller Window Shades 100% polyester blackout and noise reduction blind. Made to measure sizing. Very smooth roll up operation.★★★★★
FCXWH LOTUS & WINDOWARE 2" Faux Wood Blind, Heavy faux wood slats provide noise reduction mass. Over 400 standard sizes. Cordless.★★★★★

Note: It might be instructive to buy an inexpensive decibel meter and check out the your sound levels. You already know that the sound of a siren is loud. The meter will tell you how loud when compared to the following chart.

chart of decibel levels of common sounds
Decibel Level Comparisons


Soundproof Blind Basics

Here are a few things to keep in mind when considering, and/or shopping for, soundproof blinds.


Types and Styles of Soundproof Blinds

There are two types of blinds a person can use for window soundproofing. Blackout blinds and Honeycomb blinds. As soundproofing products, they work on different principles. Blackout blinds provide a thick, heavy mass to block sound. Honeycomb blinds, because of their cellular design, trap air, which deadens noise. Sound energy travels by causing air molecules to vibrate. Dead air does not vibrate as much, so sound energy will be slowed, reducing noise.

Note: I use soundproofing fairly loosely because wherever there is a window, there will be some noise because glass is not the best soundproofing material. It is almost impossible to totally soundproof a window. On the other hand, a solid wall is not very good at letting in light or air. 

  • Blackout Blinds. Sometimes called insulating blinds. These are usually made of at least 2 layers of material. Some of them are quite thick and heavy which adds mass to the product helping to block noise. Almost any thermal insulating blind will also be good at increasing peace and quiet in your home. They are often sold as roller blinds. The thicker and heavier–the better.
  • Honeycomb Blinds. Sometimes called cellular shades or blinds. There are 2 types of Honeycomb blinds–single cell shades which contain one layer of material, and double cell shades which have a second layer of honeycomb material. As you might suspect, the double cell material is much better at soundproofing because it provides more dead air.


Sizing Soundproof Blinds

The size of blinds is probably more important for soundproofing than for privacy, because your blind can be a little small and still keep out prying eyes, but a half inch gap all around will let in quite a bit of noise. (Of course, if you get it too tight, you may have difficulty operating it easily. Fortunately, many blinds are manufactured to be customized at home, or the seller will ask for exact measurements and make them to your specifications. 

Note: Make sure you measure top, bottom, and center. Window frames have been known to get warped during installation. For instance, your window could measure 24 inches wide at the top and bottom and 23 11/16 inches wide in the middle. Getting them made at 24″ less an 1/4″ (fairly standard cut) will cause much gnashing of teeth after you have them installed and try to lower them. 


Installation Options of Soundproof Blinds

Blinds can be installed either inside the window frame or outside the frame on the wall. Either will work if done properly. Because of the style of hardware, some manufacturers supply with their blinds, you will have the option of installing either inside or outside the frame. Without having to buy different mounting hardware.

Note: Before installing your new blinds (especially ‘inside the frame’ blinds), make sure that you have sealed all the gaps around the window frame by removing the casing, insulating and/or caulking, and replacing the casing.  Use paintable caulking to seal casing to the wall and window frame. A couple of small holes will let in a lot of noise–not to mention cold air, bugs, and small rodents.

Dap Inc 18152 6 Pack 10.1 oz. Alex Plus Acrylic Latex Caulk Plus Silicone, White


Inside the Frame Installation

This type of installation is not particularly difficult. But it usually requires a little more precision. As noted above, measuring has to be a little more accurate, and most blinds require at least 1 1/2″ of clear jamb depth to fit properly. Less than 1 1/2″ will leave the blind sticking out proud of the wall. You will find that quite a few suppliers provide detailed measuring instructions.

Inside the frame installation will invariably have a gap of up to 1″ on the sides because of the design of the blinds–especially roller blinds. These gaps not only let in light but noise as well. Greywind Light Blockers are made specifically to solve these problems. They can be attached with either the enclosed magnetic strips or double sided tape. Custom made to your measurements.


Outside the Frame Installation

This is a little easier to measure. Generally blinds are measured to overlap the window opening by about 2 inches in all directions. (A good rule of thumb is measuring them large enough to cover the casing.) I usually get them an extra couple of inches higher because I prefer to attach them to the wall instead of the trim board. (Trying to keep blinds plumb on a beveled piece of trim is annoying.) Once you have measured, it is just a matter of installing them properly when they arrive. (If you can, use screws long enough to hit the studs or header.)

Installation Note: The very first thing you need to do after opening the hardware package (if it is an imported product) is throw away any screws that are in it. In my experience, they will either break, get rounded off, or the threads are messed up. Steel does not seem to be done very well in some parts of the world. Get some new ones, and make sure they are longer. 


10 The Best Soundproof Blinds 


1) ShadesU 100% Blackout Window Roller Blinds

The ShadesU 100% Blackout Window Roller Blinds are a thick, heavy blind made with 3 layers–blackout polyester, a polyester blend surface, and a thermal PVC coating. Available in multiple sizes–up to 110″ wide and 72″ long–and the manufacturer will make custom sizes on request. Head comes 1/2″ shorter than the measurement you submit to allow for easy inside the frame installation. (Note: Top header box is 2.8″ wide. You will need at least that amount of clear jamb width to keep it from sticking past the wall.) This blind can also be attached to the outside of the window frame using the same hardware.

The waterproof fabric blocks 100% of the light and 100% of UV rays. Built-in self-leveling helps keep the blind plumb and level.


The Good

  • 3 layer thick, heavy soundproofing blind
  • Either inside frame or outside frame mounting. Measurement instructions on the website
  • Available in many standard sizes. Custom made sizes on request
  • Waterproof
  • Block 100% of light and UV rays
  • 1 year warranty


The Not so Good

  • The blind itself comes 2″ narrower than the measured size leaving an inch gap on either side. Not a big problem for windows with a sash but it might not completely cover direct set glass.


2) Hechang Cordless Blackout Cellular Shade

The Hechang Cordless Blackout Cellular Shade is made of 100% polyester fabric with built-in aluminum foil to provide privacy, light blocking, and noise reduction. Cordless design is smooth and clean, and safer for kids and pets. The honeycomb structure of the blinds blocks UV rays, light, and absorbs sound. It also prevents heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer.

These blinds can be installed both inside the frame and outside the frame with the included hardware. Inside the frame installation only requires 1 1/2″ clear depth. And unlike roll blinds, they are tighter to the sides. Multiple colors and sizes–including custom-made. Each side of the blinds is a different shade of the base color, and they are reversible.


The Good

  • Polyester fabric c/w built-in aluminum foil for privacy, light-blocking, and noise reduction
  • Available in many standard sizes including custom made
  • Cordless
  • Warranty information not available


The Not so Good

  • New on Amazon. No reviews available
  • Not certain about the warranty.



3) Keego Blackout Window Blinds Top Down Bottom Up

The Keego Blackout Window Blinds Top Down Bottom Up claims up to a 30 decibel noise reduction. These cordless honeycomb blinds give you all kinds of options, including fully open, fully closed, top down, bottom up, or both. Available in 32 colors and multiple sizes including customization to the millimeter. Made from high quality wrinkle resistant fabric. 100% blackout shades c/w thermal insulating value.

They can be installed inside the frame or outside the frame with hardware included in the package. For inside the frame installation you will need a 1.8″ clear jamb to keep the blind from being proud of the wall. Measuring instructions are on the website for both types of install.


The Good

  • Claims up to 30 decibel noise reduction
  • Top down bottom up operation
  • Available in over 32 colors
  • Available in multiple sizes or will customize at no extra cost
  • Cordless
  • Warranty information not available


The Not so Good

  • Warranty information not available

Note: I admit to being born at night–just not last night. I am impressed by the decibel reduction claim, but find it hard to believe. Would like to see proof.


4) WindowLady Premium Blackout Roman Window Shades

The WindowLady Premium Blackout Roman Window Shades are thick, heavy polyester blend that blocks 95% of incoming light. They are available in cordless models (for smaller blinds), corded models (left or right), and even motorized with a remote control. 

Easy inside the frame or outside the frame installation with parts included with the order. Inside the frame mounting requires a minimum of 2 inches clear jamb. Measuring instructions on the website for both types of install. No standard sizes available. All blinds are custom-made to your measurements. Color options are limited. Blind is attached to the metal head with Velcro for easy removal. Complete shade is machine washable.


The Good

  • Heavy polyester material and lining will cut down noise
  • All blinds custom made
  • Cordless, corded, or motorized c/w remote control
  • 1 year limited warranty.


The Not so Good

  • Limited color selection


5) Chicology Roller Window Shades


Chicology Roller Window Shades are polyester light blocking or light filtering (your choice when ordering) window blind that also has noise reduction properties. As with all roller shades, when installed inside the frame, there will be about a 1″ gap on the sides between the window fabric and window frame. Not ideal for either light blocking or noise reduction. Inside the frame mounting requires 2 1/2″ of clear frame depth. Outside of the frame installation will provide both better light blocking and noise reduction. Measurement instructions on the website for both installation methods.

These blinds are made of 100% polyester and operate on the same principle as your grandmother’s old roller blinds–without the part about getting out of your hand and flying to the top to slam open. (They also do not have the removable wooden bottom piece that was perfect for whacking your sister.) This is a very smooth retracting operation.

The Good

  • 100% polyester blackout and noise reduction blind
  • Multiple standard sizes. Will also custom make to your measurements
  • Inside the frame and outside the frame mounting options
  • 1 year warranty


The Not so Good

  • Limited color options


6) Lotus and Windoware 2″ Faux Wood Blind

The Lotus and Windoware 2″ Faux Wood Blind is not a blackout shade. It will only block 65 – 80% of incoming light. They also do not fit tight to the sides of the window frame, but the mass they provide works well to dampen noise. They come with a tilt and turn wand but raise and lower operation is cordless.

Simple inside frame or outside frame installation with included hardware. Inside mounting require 2 1/2″ clear jamb to prevent blinds extending past the wall. Valance/hardware cover included. 400 in stock sizes, but will not custom make these blinds. Color option is white.


The Good

  • Heavy faux wood slats provide mass for noise reduction
  • Over 400 standard sizes
  • Inside frame or outside frame mounting options
  • Cordless operation
  • 1 year warranty


The Not so Good

  • One color – white
  • Cannot be customized


7) Schrling Thermal Insulated Blackout Roll Blind

The Schrling Thermal Insulated Blackout Roller Blind has a fabric face with a special thermal coating that provides 98% blackout and UV protection. Available in four colors and 3 standard sizes with all other blinds made to order. Schrling is a Swedish design and manufacturing company that offers a much larger collection of fabrics and product detailing on request.

Inside frame or outside frame mounting with double sided adhesive stickers. The mounting bracket is adjustable to window frame depth, but you will still need approximately 2″ of clear frame to prevent the blind sticking out past the wall.


The Good

  • Heavy fabric and thermal coating provide mass for noise reduction
  • Inside frame or outside frame mounting options
  • Virtually all sizes made to order
  • 4 colors
  • 1 year warranty


The Not so Good

  • Limited color range
  • Only 4 small adhesive pads–I would seriously suggest purchasing a roll of Velcro or Double Sided Tape to make sure these stay where you mount them


8) Redi Shade Trim-at-Home Light Filtering Blind

The Redi Shade Trim-at-Home Light Filtering Blind is a pleated shade made from an energy-efficient composite polyester fabric that helps keep rooms cool and quieter. Cordless raise and lower mechanism. Designed by Redi Shade in California–which has been in business for over 25 years. Available in only two colors. 100% satisfaction guaranteed lifetime warranty.

These blinds are inside the frame mount only. They only have 3 standard sizes. Pick the one that is one size wider than your window, then cut it to size when it arrives. No need for tools. Peel the backing from the two-sided tape and stick it to the top of the window frame. Requires 1 1/4″ clear frame to keep it from sticking past the wall.


The Good

  • Fairly heavy composite polyester fabric construction that will help with noise abatement
  • Inside the frame mounting option only
  • No tools required – mounts with two sided tape
  • Cut to length at home
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed lifetime warranty


The Not so Good

  • Only available in 2 colors


9) Persilux Custom Roller Window Shades Cordless 


Persilux Custom Roller Window Shades Cordless Roller Window Blinds are a heavy 4 layer blind that provides 100% blackout, UV protection and sound reduction. It is made up of polyester fabric c/w a white coating of thermal insulation, black coating layer provides blackout capability, and a white UV coating. Warm in the winter, cool in the summer, reduces noise year round.

Can be installed inside the frame or outside the frame. Inside the frame mounting requires 2.4″ clear jamb to prevent the blind from sticking past the wall. Multiple sizes and a made-to-order option. Available in only 3 colors. Measuring instructions and video on website.


The Good

  • 4 layer construction provides 100% blackout and UV protection c/w good sound reduction
  • Inside the frame and outside the frame mounting options
  • Multiple sizes available along with the option to customize your blind
  • Warranty information not available


The Not so Good

  • Limited color range


10) Chicology Cordless Magnetic Roman Shades

The Chicology Cordless Magnetic Roman Shades are made of heavy polyester yarn. These are light filtering blinds but are still heavy enough to cut down noise. Cordless design provides clean look and safety for kids and pets. Available in 5 colors and multiple sizes along with a made to measure option.

Inside the frame and outside the frame mounting options. Inside the frame mounting requires 2 1/2″ clear frame to be flush with the wall. Measuring instructions on the website along with an installation video.


The Good

  • Very heavy polyester light filtering material capable of providing good noise reduction
  • Inside the frame or outside the frame mounting
  • 5 colors
  • Multiple sizes available along with made to measure option
  • 1 year warranty


The Not so Good

  • A few complaints about the magnets being weak and small


How We Selected Soundproof Blinds 

I looked at many of the blind choices available and listed some of the best. I tried to include different types of blinds–such as roll up, honeycomb, and Roman–because people have different types of decor and different tastes. I am not providing much of a service listing 10 honeycomb blinds if the reader prefers roll up blinds or Roman blinds. Here are some of the criteria I considered.

  • Sound reduction effectiveness. If I believed it would reduce noise, or if the manufacturer claimed to reduce noise, I considered it.
  • Versatility. Being able to mount the blinds either inside or outside the frame.
  • Cost. The cost had to be reasonable.
  • Style. I make no claims that I am a design genius. So if I decided it was ugly, I discounted it.
  • Warranty. I tried to factor warranties into the list, but only one of the companies has a 100% satisfaction lifetime guarantee. The rest come in at a year or are too shy to mention it. So I did not consider warranty very much.


Best of the Best Blinds for 2023

I chose the ShadesU 100% Blackout Window Roller Blind for the following reasons.

  • Heavy. 2 layers of polyester c/w a blackout coating
  • Versatile. Either inside the frame or outside the frame mounting using the same hardware
  • Sizing. Multiple sizes available with made to order option
  • The only ‘Not so Good’ issue can be solved by using Greywind Light Blockers on the sides to eliminate light and any noise that might seep around the edges


Honorable Mentions

  1. Chicology Cordless Magnetic Roman Shades because they are heavy, versatile, and I like them.
  2. Redi Shade Trim at Home Light Filtering Blind because of the 100% satisfaction guaranteed lifetime warranty.
  3. Keego Blackout Window Blinds Top Down Bottom Up because if their claim of 30 decibel noise reduction is true (and I have my doubts), they are the best noise reduction blinds available.


FAQs About Soundproof Blinds

Here are a couple of questions that usually come up when soundproof blinds are mentioned.


What Types of Blinds Block Noise?

Almost anything hung over a window will block noise to some extent. Heavy material such as that in blackout curtains or dual cell honeycomb shades work best.


Do Noise Blocking Blinds Really Work?

Yes, they do. But to a lesser extent than curtains or soundproof shutters, because they generally do not have the mass required to do a really good job.


End Notes

Not everyone has the option to live where we live. Probably most people don’t want to. (We have progressed past the point of the population of the entire hamlet running out to watch the train go by.) It is quiet, peaceful, and private here. Most of the world’s population does not have that option. That is why Soundproof Blinds, along with other soundproofing, is getting to be more essential every day.

If you are considering new windows instead of, or in addition to, soundproof blinds please check out our ‘STC Ratings for Windows‘ article.


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  2. I am an audiophile and would like a custom sound “cancelling” blind to cover the wall and TV screen between my stereo speakers. The area is about 65″ w x 67′ h. I have heard that a double cell is good but would like your advice. I don’t expect a miracle
    solution, but by just covering the TV with a blanket make a noticeable improvement.
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