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The Best Soundproof Wallpaper

If a relaxing living room or a silent bedroom sounds great to you, then you’ll want to hear about all the soundproof wallpaper, panels, and tiles available online. The Arthome 3D faux brick wallpaper panels are the perfect option for people looking for a blend of easy application, effective noise reduction, and style.

Top 4 Best Wallpaper and PanelsWhy It's BestRating
Art3d 11-Pack Peel and Stick 3D Wall PanelsHighly effective soundproofing, anti-collision, customizable, easy clean, easy install★★★★★
BUBOS New Acoustic Wallpaper PanelsHighly effective soundproofing, stylish, provides heat insulation★★★★★
QIHANG Thick Tree Pattern WallpaperEffective soundproofing, stylish, easy clean★★★★
Burdurry Acoustic Foam PanelsHighly effective soundproofing, economical★★★★

The Best Wallpaper for Noise Reduction of 2023

Art3d 11-Pack Peel and Stick 3D Wall Panels


The Art3d 11-Pack Peel and Stick 3D Wall Panels may be soft, but they are surprisingly durable. They are ideal for homes with small children, as it won’t hurt if a child accidentally bumps into the panels. Further, the material is waterproof, and it can easily be cleaned with a rag if something is spilled on it or it gets scribbled on.

Rest assured that the foam provides a good deal of insulation. The panels are 8 mm thick or about the length of a pinky nail. This is thick enough to insulate well, and the durable foam makes for a great soundproofing material.

Installation is quick and painless. The panels come with their own adhesive, so all you have to do to install them is peel them off the adhesive sheet and stick them to the wall.

The panels are also easily customizable. Since the material is so soft, it can be cut to match the shape of your room. It’s also possible to paint the foam to make it look like real brick.

You can purchase the wall panels in either a 5, 11, or 20 pack. The 11 pack is sufficient for part of a wall or a small wall, perhaps in a bedroom. The 20 pack is necessary for medium or large walls, such as in a living room.

Burton Acoustix Series 9 Ultra High-Density Soundproofing Panels

At about 9 mm in thickness, these Burton Acoustix panels may not seem like they can soundproof much, but don’t let their size fool you. These panels were designed by sound engineers to be highly dense, which gives them an incredible soundproofing ability. The panels can block up to 25 decibels of noise.

These blocks are free of dangerous chemicals such as formaldehyde, so they are suitable for even the most vulnerable areas, such as in a baby’s room.

Burton Acoustix also promises easy installation even for amateur home renovators.

The noise quieting ability does come at a cost. The panels are a marble gray color, which tends to look a bit dull. You may need to paint over these in order to brighten them up and make them look more aesthetically pleasing.

Further, keep in mind that each package only comes with 5 panels. Each block is only 144 square inches, so you will likely need to purchase multiple packs. That will drive up the price a considerable amount.

Overall, these soundproofing panels are engineered well for people serious about quieting noises in a room. The drab design may be a deterrent to some people, and the cost of purchasing multiple packs of panels adds up quickly. These panels will be perfect for you if the positive aspects outweigh the drawbacks.

BUBOS Acoustic Sound Proof Wall Panels

BUBOS likely offers the most pattern options for acoustic panels than any other online company.

The panels come in fun colors and bold patterns. If that is not your style, there are also muted options that mimic natural materials, such as wood or marble.

Of course, the wall panels are also made of high-quality, dense polyester fiber, which blocks out noise from any room when installed properly.

They offer some other helpful features as well. The panels are flame resistant, which can add safety in case of a fire. In addition to soundproofing, the panels also provide heat insulation, which can be a great way to stay warm during cold winter months.

One thing to note is that the blocks do not come with any sort of adhesive, so you will have to purchase glue or tape separately.

The panels are a bit pricey considering that you only get 6 panels that are 12 inches by 12 inches per pack. Any project you have will likely require at least two packs. However, some patterns the company sells do tend to be more affordable than others.

Burdurry 50 Pack Acoustic Foam Panels

These Burdurry foam panels are an ideal choice for people on a budget who are serious about soundproofing. The professional quality panels are one of the best deals you can find online, as you get 50 panels that are 12 inches by 12 inches. Whereas most vendors require you to purchase multiple packs, you may very well be able to complete your project with only 1 pack of these panels.

They effectively soundproof rooms, and they also help reduce echo and enhance vocal volume. The foam panels are great for recording studios for music, podcasts, and more.

At 1 inch thick, these panels are thick and bulky. They also have a grooved texture to better capture sound waves. While this design makes them excellent for soundproofing, they do look a bit unsightly.

Due to their appearance, the panels are best for home studios, home movie theaters, and more. You probably don’t want to put them in an area like a living room due to their drab appearance.

These panels emit no harmful chemicals, and they are safe for use in any room. You don’t have to worry about reducing the air quality of a living space if you purchase these.

Art3d Faux Leather 3D Hexagonal Wall Tiles

These Art3d wall tiles will add a unique look to any room. The fact that they are 3D and hexagonal makes a room look very dynamic and sophisticated.

Better still, they are make of soft foam inside and leather on the outside, which gives them good soundproofing abilities.

They have all the safety features you’d want in wall tiles. They are flame retardant, waterproof, and emit no harmful formaldehyde.

Despite their beauty, a significant drawback of these tiles is that they get pricey very quickly. Each pack comes with 20 tiles that have a side length of 4 and a half inches. This is enough to cover only a small area.

If you are simply looking for accents to go on your wall, this may be a great purchase for you. However, if you are looking to cover a significant amount of wall or are looking for serious soundproofing, you may wish to look elsewhere.

Cosaving 3D Peel and Stick Wood Wallpaper Panels

These Cosaving wood wallpaper panels come in a variety of colors depending on the look you’re going for. The white wood panels look modern, while the gray and yellow color wood panels make a room look more rustic.

The fact that the panels come with adhesive makes them great for beginner home renovators. All you  have to do is peel the panel off of the adhesive strip and stick it to the wall.

The “wood” tiles are versatile, and they will look good in virtually any room, from living rooms to bedrooms and kitchens. To add to this versatility, more experienced renovators can easily cut the panels into strips to provide a more realistic look. The panels can also be painted.

As you likely hope for, the Cosaving panels are soundproof and will reduce noise or echo in any room. They are not as noise reducing as some more serious competitors, but they will do the job just fine for casual noise reduction.

More features include thick, soft foam that prevents painful collisions and waterproof material.

The panels are also easy to clean with just a wet cloth in case of spills, smears, or scribbles.

Each panel is a little over 2 feet in length, and a pack includes 5 panels. You will likely have to purchase multiple packs of panels, even if you only have a small project. This will be a drawback for some, as the cost of packs of panels can get steep.

QIHANG Thick Tree Pattern Soundproof Wallpaper Roll

This QIHANG wallpaper is dark and understated, which gives any room an elegant look. The paper is thick and dense, which gives it good noise reduction capabilities. 

Besides making rooms quiet, the wallpaper has all the other features you’d want. It’s waterproof for easy cleaning, and it’s fireproof as a safety measure.

The company offers a vast assortment of wallpaper patterns, so I recommend looking at all their options before settling on one option.

Do note that wallpaper glue is not included with the wallpaper itself, so you will have to purchase some separately.

As an added bonus, the wallpaper is an economical choice, as each roll covers 57 square feet. You may only need one roll of this wallpaper if your project is relatively simple.

QIHANG 3D Rose Wallpaper

Another solid option from QIHANG is this minimalist rose wallpaper. Its 3D effect adds a sophisticated texture to any living quarters. The look is stylish yet understated enough to be used in virtually any room.

Of course, it also helps soundproof a room and absorb sounds.

It has other convenient features. For example, it’s easy to clean with just a cotton cloth and water. You don’t have to worry about the water soaking through because the wallpaper is moisture-proof.

A critical safety feature is that the paper is flame resistant. Further, it doesn’t emit any harsh chemicals into the air.

Like the previous option, this wallpaper does not come with adhesive, so you will have to supply your own.

Wallpaper Buying Considerations

As you may expect, both looks and functionality are the 2 crucial considerations for deciding which when type of wallpaper or wall panels to purchase  


It’s important to consider the space you’re looking to soundproof. Is it a living room, a nursery, or a home studio? Your answer to this question will determine the look of the material you decide to purchase.

Since living rooms are typically the most populated rooms in a home, it’s paramount that the wallpaper suits the room well. Brick and wood textured wall panels give a classy look to most living rooms.

Thick soundproof wallpapers can look great in bedrooms and nurseries. They provide a nice amount of noise reduction without looking drab or overwhelming like some professional quality panels can appear.

Studios and recording rooms are typically places where aesthetics matter the least. Since these spaces are designed for one purpose, there’s no expectation that the room will look a certain way. In this case, consider purchasing wall panels that promise the best noise reduction and are the most economical.


Of course, functionality is likely more crucial than looks for most people. If you’re specifically searching for soundproofing wallpaper, then a quiet room matters to you.

Generally speaking, the thickest and densest materials will provide the best noise reduction. Bulky, professional wall panels will make your room the quietest, but the tradeoff is that they tend to look unappealing.

The next best options are 3D textured wall panels. Some common textures that you may see are wood and brick. These are thick enough the provide a good deal of soundproofing while also managing to improve the appearance of a room.

3D panels also tend to have other useful features, such as soft, anti-collision material and heat insulation.

The last and weakest option is thick, sound-dampening wallpaper. Wallpaper can certainly provide some noise reduction, but it will probably not be sufficient to give a night and day type of reduction in sound.

The advantages of wallpaper are that it tends to be cheap since it is less material than panels, and wallpaper can have virtually any pattern printed on it. This makes it extremely versatile, and you can find the perfect pattern to match your room.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make a room as quiet as possible?

The quietest wall panels on this list are the the Burdurry acoustic panels and the Burton Acoustix wall panels. Either of these options will provide a professional quality soundproofing experience.

There are other measures that you can take besides acoustic wall panels that will help soundproof a room. For example, weather stripping under a door can be an excellent way to help seal out noise from a room.

If your room has a hard floor, consider putting rugs down to help muffle the noise of footsteps and other noises.

Finally, noise-blocking curtains can help soundproof windows, which are typically an ignored area when it comes to noise reduction.

Which materials are best for soundproofing?

The best sound dampening materials are soft yet dense. Materials like specialized foam and polyester fibers make the best sound absorbers. Look for options that advertise having a high density to increase the chances that the panels will have the desired noise deadening effect.

However, these materials can sometimes emit harmful chemicals like formaldehyde which can reduce the indoor air quality. Make sure to purchase wall panels that are formaldehyde-free. All options on this list are free of such harmful chemicals.

How do I install wall panels if I’ve never done it before?

For first-time panel installations, you may wish to consider buying panels that are peel and stick. They come glued to a strip, and all you have to do is peel them off the strip and apply the tiles to the wall. Arthome wall panels are a nice and simple peel and stick option, but you can customize them as well by painting the “bricks” or cutting them into strips.

Make sure to do plenty of prep work beforehand. This may include removing outlet covers and measuring the space you plan to cover so that you can buy the right amount of material.

You may also need to secure an electric saw if you need to cut any holes in the acoustic panels for outlet covers or trim the panels to fit in a tight space.

Final Word

You don’t have to be a professional to install aesthetic yet effective acoustic panels in your home. These sound deadening materials can come in a variety of forms, from wallpaper to blocks and tiles.

You can also find panels to suit any living space. Wood and brick 3D panels can look fantastic in living rooms and kitchens, while tiles can make a lobby look timeless and classy. Wallpaper and panels with more fun patterns tend to look great in bedrooms.

The panels that are the best at dampening noise are the Burdurry acoustic panels, though they are plain-looking and not customizable.

The wallpaper from QIHANG is the most visually pleasing, and it comes in myriad patterns and styles. The downsides, though, are that wallpaper is the least effective material for soundproofing due to its thinness, though it should still provide a noticeable decrease in sound level. Another con is that the wallpaper does not come with adhesive, so you will have to purchase and apply that separately.

Overall, the Art3d 11-Pack Peel and Stick 3D Wall Panels are the best option due to their blend of affordability, customization, and effectiveness at soundproofing rooms. You can leave them as a clean, blank canvas or paint them to suit any room’s aesthetic.

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