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The Quietest Dishwasher

It wasn’t that many years ago that most people gave little or no thought to dishwasher noise. They were all loud, but cleaned the dishes–mostly. But since Bosch began marketing the ‘quietest dishwasher’, virtually every manufacturer got into the race to produce quiet machines. And open floor plans have allowed dishwasher noise to be easily heard throughout the living area. Almost all dishwashers marketed today produce less than 60 decibels (dBA) of noise–the sound of normal conversation.

The dishwashers on this list will all make less than 60 dBA of noise. Some around 40 dBA which is the noise made by a babbling brook or your computer. And they will do a great job of cleaning your dishes.

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10 Quietest Dishwashers

The quiet dishwashers on this list range from relatively inexpensive to quite pricy. They also include different sizes, different options, and different styles. Hopefully, you will find one that fits your needs.

1) Bosch SHV878ZD3N 24″ 800 Series Fully Integrated Dishwasher

The Bosch SHV878ZD3N 24″ 800 Series Fully Integrated Dishwasher produces only 42 decibels (dBA) of noise when running. It is so quiet that Bosch has included the Infolight beam which shines on the floor to let you know it is running. (I am not sure if it is necessary or just a great sales tool.) At 23″ x 23.5″ x 34″ it is made to fit under most standard kitchen counters. 

Weighing in at 99 lbs. the 800 Series dishwasher has the capacity to wash 16 place settings. It is loaded with features to make certain that dishes are clean and dry, and to provide ease of use. Some of them are AquaStop leak protection, flexible third rack and tines to customize drum to suit types of dishes, 6 program settings, load size sensor, patented ChrystalDry technology, sanitize option, and many more bells and whistles. 

The stainless steel tub not only keeps the inside of the machine cleaner, it is quieter than a plastic tub. Bosch provides a 1 year complete parts and labor warranty along with longer warranties on specific parts.

The Good

  • Ultra quiet 42 decibels (dBA) operation
  • Infolight lets you know it is running
  • 6 washing program settings provide different water temperatures, water use, and times
  • AquaStop leak protection
  • ChrystalDry technology
  • Standard undercounter size
  • Holds 16 place settings
  • 1 year parts and labor warranty on complete appliance. 5 year on microprocessor and racks. Lifetime on inner tub liner.

The Not so Good

  • Some questions about drying

2) Samsung Stormwash 24″ Built-In Dishwasher

Samsung 24

The Samsung Stormwash 24″ Built-In Dishwasher is very quiet–producing only 48 decibels (dBA) of sound–slightly less than a refrigerator. Available in stainless steel or black stainless steel; both finishes are fingerprint resistant. The machine’s capacity is 15 complete place settings. It is also  equipped with a third top rack for cutlery. 

The Stormwash system is designed to clean messy pots and pans without prewashing. An Auto Release system opens the door at specified times to let the steam escape after washing–for better drying. The Digital Leak System detects leaks as small as 2.7 ounces and shuts the machine off to prevent floor damage. With 6 wash cycles c/w 6 extra options, you can easily choose the type of wash you need–from small loads to extra heavy duty. The Sani-Rinse option sanitizes your dishes and eliminates 99.99% of food bacteria. And the self cleaning filtration system eliminates plugged drain lines.

The control panel lock system provides safety for all in the house. It comes with 3 wash arms–upper, middle, and lower along with a hidden water heater. Samsung’s 12 month parts and labor warranty includes in home service.

Note: I admit to a certain amount of prejudice. We have one of these (a little older without the top rack). It is quiet and does an excellent job of cleaning dishes–even with our less than perfect water supply. Running a cupful of CLR through it every month or two keeps the tub shiny and the sprayer openings clean.

The Good

  • Very quiet 48 dBA operation
  • Capacity of 15 complete place settings
  • Stormwash system for dirty pots
  • Auto Release system for better drying
  • Sani-Rinse eliminates 99.99% of food bacteria
  • Locking control panel
  • 12 month parts and labor warranty includes in home service

The Not so Good

  • The auto release confuses people into thinking the drying process is finished when the door opens

3) Farberware FDW05ASBWHA Complete Portable Countertop Dishwasher

For anyone needing a quiet dishwasher for RV, boat, dorm, or any other small living accommodation, the Portable Countertop Dishwasher is made for you. And at 62 decibels of sound, it is quiet–even made of plastic and sitting on top of the counter. Just 21.9 x 20.9 x 22.4 inches and 45.5 lbs. it takes up very little space and is easy to pick up and take with you. The dishwasher provides two incoming water options–hooking it to the sink tap or using the built-in 5-liter water tank. 

With a capacity of 4 place settings, it will fit a variety of dishes (up to 12″ in diameter). The upper and lower rotating spray arms provide corner to corner cleaning coverage. It includes a dish rack, cup shelf, cutlery basket, and fruit cleaning basket. There are 5 wash cycles with 60 minutes of hot air drying and 72-hour automatic ventilation to keep dishes fresh and odor-free. The Baby Care mode offers steam cleaning at 167 degrees Fahrenheit to thoroughly sanitize dishes, bottles, and toys. 

The Good

  • Very quiet portable dishwasher at 62 decibels of sound
  • Small and light
  • Optional water hook up – hose or built-in water tank
  • Will hold up to 4 place settings
  • 5 wash cycles
  • 60-minute hot air drying
  • See-through window 
  • Touchscreen

The Not so Good

  • Some customers found the dishwasher did not work very long. 

4) Danby 18″ Built-In Dishwasher (DDW1804EBSS)

The Danby 18″ Built-In Dishwasher is made to replace original narrower washers, or it can be used in small kitchen renovations to save space. Ideal for couples or small families, it only produces 52 decibels of sound. 18″ wide x 32.5″ high x 23″ deep means it will fit into a standard under counter opening. (Note: Height is adjustable to 34 7/16″ to work under different countertops.)

It has an 8 place setting capacity c/w a silverware basket. Dual rotating spray arms make sure all of the dishes are well washed. The 6 convenient wash cycles and 4 water temperature settings along with a 1 hour – 24 hour delayed start and extended hot water rinse when set on sanitize to kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria provide the exact type of wash you want. Or let the Smart Wash system choose the best and most efficient cycle for you.

The Danby is made with a stainless steel tub for longevity, cleanliness, and quiet operation. Electronic controls and a digital display provide easily selectable options at the touch of a button. Danby dishwashers come with a 12 month parts and labor warranty including in-home service.

The Good

  • Very quiet 52 decibel operation – about the sound of a refrigerator
  • Compact 18″ wide design
  • Low water use
  • 8 place setting capacity
  • 6 wash cycles
  • Hot rinse kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria
  • Electronic controls c/w digital display
  • 12 month parts and labor warranty c/w in-home service

The Not so Good

  • If you are not replacing an existing dishwasher you will need to purchase an installation kit

5) Frigidaire FGID2466QF Built-In Dishwasher

The noise insulation system used in the Frigidaire FGID2466QF Built-In Dishwasher keeps the noise level down to 47 decibels (DBA) when operating. It is quiet enough that Frigidaire has incorporated LED floor beam indicators that shine blue light onto the floor when the machine is washing and turn to green when done. The door and face are made of smudge-proof stainless steel that is easy to clean. It is EnergyStar certified and uses less water.

This dishwasher is roomy enough to hold a full 14 place settings that can be cleaned with a choice of 7 different cycle settings including Sanitize to help kill germs. The Even Dry system produces remarkably dry dishes every time. Adjustable shelves allow for fitting most every sized dish and pot into the machine. And the easily removed stainless steel filter can be cleaned to keep food residue from spraying onto dishes. Frigidaire provides a 1 year parts and labor warranty.

The Good

  • Very quiet 47 dBA operation – quieter than a refrigerator
  • LED floor beams – blue indicates the machine is running, green indicates it is finished
  • Smudge proof stainless steel door
  • EnergyStar certified
  • Capacity of 14 full place settings
  • 7 cleaning cycles including Sanitize
  • Stainless steel filter
  • 1 year parts and labor warranty

The Not so Good

  • Some reports of not drying completely and of the bottom rack not sliding well

6) GE GSD2100V 24″ Built-In Dishwasher

The GE GSD2100V 24″ Built-In Dishwasher is an inexpensive machine that produces 64 decibels of noise–slightly louder than normal conversation. Unlike many of the machines on this list, it has a manual knob and lever locking system that provide easy and simple operation. The 2-level wash system works with all 5 cycles and 2 additional options. It comes with the Piranha hard food disposal system that grinds any remaining food into small particles that are washed away without sticking on clean dishes.

Available in 3 colors–white, black, and bisque, this dishwasher has a Permatuf plastic tub and door liner for long lasting use. Although it has a full 12 place setting capacity, the short wash option provides the ability to just wash a few dishes at a time without waiting until it is full. A 2-stage extra fine filtration system keeps wash and rinse water clean. GE provides a 1 year parts and labor warranty that covers the entire machine. GE has been making quality appliances in the USA since 1907.

Note: The GSD2100V does not have an insulation blanket. Along with the plastic tub, this is part of the reason for the higher decibel level. Before installing your new dishwasher, you might want to consider purchasing a Lynn Ceramic Fiber Insulation Blanket and installing it on the machine. This will lower the amount of noise it produces. The blanket is not expensive, and is well worth putting on the machine before installing in the cabinet. For more details on blankets and installation please see our article How to Soundproof a Dishwasher.

The Good

  • Quiet 64 dBA undercounter dishwasher
  • Simple manual knob and switch operation
  • 5 cycles and 2 additional options
  • Capacity of 12 full place settings
  • Available in 3 colors – white, black, bisque
  • Made in the USA
  • 1 year limited parts and labor warranty

The Not so Good

  • No soundproofing/insulation blanket

7) EdgeStar BIDW1802SS 18″ Wide Built-In Dishwasher

The EdgeStar BIDW1802SS 18″ Wide Built-In Dishwasher is perfect for replacing existing 18″ wide machines. It is also a good fit for RVs and space challenged kitchens, or kitchens being remodeled. An ideal dishwasher for singles, couples, or one child families. It operates at 52 decibels (dBA)–about the same noise level as a refrigerator. Made of quality stainless steel with the digital push button control panel mounted on the face of the door for easy access. It only uses $22.00 worth of energy per year when coupled with a natural gas hot water tank.

Capacity is 8 full place settings c/w a cutlery basket and cup tray. The EdgeStar has 6 wash cycles and 3 drying settings including Sanitize. A leakage sensor prevents floor damage by shutting down the machine if a leak is detected. It is available in 3 colors–black, white, and stainless steel, and comes with a stainless steel tub making it cleaner and quieter than plastic. EdgeStar offers a 1 year parts and labor warranty.

Note: EdgeStar was launched in 2004 with headquarters just outside Austin, Texas and is still there.

The Good

  • Quiet 52 dBA operation
  • 3 colors – black, white, stainless steel
  • Face mounted digital push button control panel
  • Capacity 8 full place settings
  • 6 wash cycles and 3 drying settings
  • Leakage sensor
  • USA based company
  • 1 year parts and labor warranty

The Not so Good

  • Virtually none

8) Ventray DW50 Countertop Portable Dishwasher

The Ventray DW50 Countertop Portable Dishwasher only produces 58 decibels (dBA) of noise. This is a mini compact dishwasher (17.3″W x 16.7″H x 16.3″ Deep) and 38.5 lb. that can be moved around as required. Ideal for small apartments, campers, RVs, and dorms, it holds 2 full place settings. Made of strong ABS, it comes with all of the connections required to hook it up to your sink drain and tap.

The DW50 has 5 wash cycle options–Eco, Daily, Intense, Fast Wash, and Glass. It heats water to 158 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure excellent cleaning and sterile dishes. The LED digital display and control panel are located on the front of the door under the window for ease of access. It displays the remaining time and washing program, and comes with a child security lock to prevent children and your husband from accidentally playing with the settings while the washer is in operation.

A delay start option allows you to turn the machine on when it is convenient for you. Ventray dishwashers come with a 1 year warranty and a 30 day refund guarantee.

The Good

  • Quiet portable dishwasher at 58 dBA of sound
  • Ideal for small apartments, RVs, dorms
  • Holds 2 full place settings
  • 5 wash cycle options
  • Heats water to 158 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Child security lock
  • Up to 24 hour timer
  • 1 year limited warranty and 30 day refund guarantee

The Not so Good

  • Hose hook up only. No reservoir

9) Amana ADB1500ADS 24″ Undercounter Dishwasher

The Amana ADB1500ADS 24″ Undercounter Dishwasher is an Energy Star certified machine that only produces 55 decibels (dBA) of noise. It has 5 cleaning cycles including the SoilSense setting which is a ‘let the machine decide’ cycle. When using SoilSense, internal sensors will decide how dirty the dishes are along with the size of the load, and adjust the cleaning as required. A triple rinse filter system removes even the tiniest dirt particles to keep them from being sprayed back onto the dishes.

This Amana has a 12 place setting capacity. It has a high temperature wash and an extra rinse option for sparkling clean dishes. Also a Sani-Rinse cycle to sanitize dishes, which is comfort-making if you have a baby or small children in the house. There is a 1 hour quick wash cycle for light loads and a 1 – 24 hour timer allowing you to turn on the dishwasher when it suits your schedule. The fully integrated control panel c/w LED display is located on top of the door. 

It has 3 wash arms and 2 racks along with a total of 5 wash cycles. Amana was started in the USA in 1934. All Amana dishwashers come with a 1 year manufacturers warranty.

The Good 

  • Quiet 55 dBA noise production
  • Energy Star certified
  • 5 cleaning cycles
  • SoilSense auto operation
  • Capacity of 12 full place settings
  • Sanitizing rinse cycle
  • USA company since 1934
  • 1 year manufacturers warranty

The Not so Good

  • Plastic tub noisier than stainless steel tub

10) Viking VDB301SS 24″ Fully Integrated Dishwasher

The Viking VDB301SS 24″ Fully Integrated Dishwasher makes only 45 decibels of noise making it one of the quietest on the market. The variable pressure wash adjusts water volume, water pressure, and water temperature according to load size and amount of dirt on dishes. Multi-level cleaning with 3 stainless steel spray arms. This dishwasher accommodates 14 full international place settings. 

The dishwasher has 6 different wash cycles along with 5 additional options including Sanitize for not only clean but safe dishes. A timer that can be set for up to 24 hours ensures that the dishwasher will run when it is least disruptive for your family. A floor light system indicates which cycle is running. Although the door is stainless steel, it is available in multiple colors. Viking provides a 2 year warranty on the complete machine, 5 year on motor/pump, electronic controls, racks, and water distribution system, and a lifetime warranty on the tub and inner door.

The Good

  • Very quiet 45 dBA dishwasher
  • Energy Star certified
  • Capacity of 14 full international place settings
  • 6 wash cycles and 5 additional options
  • Sanitize option kills germs and bacteria
  • 1 – 24 hour timer
  • Available in multiple colors
  • 2 year warranty on complete machine, 5 year on motor/pump, electronic controls, racks, water system

The Not so Good

Quietest Bosch Dishwashers

About 20 years ago Bosch began advertising their products as the quietest dishwashers in the world. Although many competitors have come close to matching Bosch decibel levels, I think they are not there yet. Bosch produces many dishwashers that are around the 40-decibel level and some that only make 38 decibels of noise. That is less noise than the sound of a babbling brook or your computer.

Although it would be fairly easy to fill this list with Bosch products because they are all very quiet, I do not feel like I am providing a service for anyone who does not want a Bosch for whatever reason–bad experience, not the type of machine you want, etc.

Another reason for not making this list all about Bosch or any other manufacturer is the current supply chain problems. Here is part of a statement from the Bosch CEO from the Bosch website: “The length of these delays vary from product to product on a daily basis, but fulfillment delays for some products have recently been around 8 to 12 months.”

Bosch sells over 100 different dishwashers–almost all of the manufacturers are either in North Carolina or Germany. Here are some that you might want to check out. 

NOTE: Better Soundproofing makes no guarantees about availability. As I was writing this article, a number of machines (from many different manufacturers) appeared and disappeared from the Amazon website. I also checked the manufacturer’s websites and found the same shaky availability.

Bosch SHSM63W55N 24

Bosch : SHE3AR75UC 24 Ascenta Series Full Console Dishwasher - Stainless Steel

Quietest Kitchenaid Dishwashers

Kitchenaid Appliances are known to manufacture very quiet dishwashers–many in the mid-40s decibel range and one line of washers as low as 39 dBA. This 110 year old USA company also is caught in the supply chain crunch. They are not quite as forthcoming as Bosch about when to expect production and/or delivery of product. The Kitchenaid website shows most models are out of stock but offers to email you when something is available. Some of their products you might be interested in include the following.

  • Kitchenaid model KDFE204KBL   39 dBA
  • Kitchenaid model KDFM404KBS  44 dBA
  • Kitchenaid model KDFE104KBL    47 dBA

Quietest Dishwasher Buying Criteria

Years ago, just having a dishwasher was considered a great improvement over hand washing. But as dishwashers improved, customers asked for more features including quieter machines. Here are some of the features to look for when contemplating a new dishwasher.

Quiet Dishwasher Noise Level

Modern dishwashers noise levels range from approximately 38 dBA to approximately 62 dBA. Any dishwasher rated at 52 dBA or lower (about the noise a refrigerator makes) is a good quiet choice. Keep in mind that the decibel rating is usually an average taken over the entire washing cycle. Meaning that at times your machine will be louder than the stated noise level. (Our Samsung is loudest when it is taking on water.)

I have called the dBA ratings approximate because I can find no standardized testing criteria other than it is an average taken during an entire washing cycle. So the distance from the machine, whether it is enclosed or not, which cycle is used, among other things could vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. I am not suggesting that anyone is producing false information; just that it would be easier to compare if we knew that everyone tested in the same way.

For instance, decibel measurements for all generators are measured at about 21 feet from the machine. If you are not sure about the noise produced by your dishwasher, an inexpensive decibel meter will give you more information.

What is dBA Compared to dB?

dB is the standard designation for decibel rating. dBA is a rating that is usually used when referring to the noise produced by dishwashers. It stands for A-weighted decibel values which have been adjusted to better reflect the way human ears actually hear sounds. They usually filter out higher and lower frequencies and are often used to measure environmental noise.

When considering the frequency range produced by dishwashers, dB and dBA ratings can be considered virtually interchangeable because of the frequencies involved.

The 3 Decibel Rule

The 3 decibel rule states that “Every 3 dB change represents a doubling or halving of sound energy.” (See Pulsar Instruments website for more detailed information.) So a 47 dBA dishwasher will sound twice as loud as a 44 dBA dishwasher. Given the low decibel ratings of most dishwashers, this not usually a very big deal. But as the decibel readings get higher, it is definitely something to keep in mind.

Quiet Dishwasher Performance

Regardless of the noise a dishwasher produces, its main purpose is to clean and dry dishes. Many of the machines I looked at did not have the right combination of quiet and performance. Most dishwashers manufactured today will produce less than 60 dBA of sound. So then the question became, “Will they do a good job of cleaning?” Quite a few machines that I looked at did not make the list because of questionable cleaning reviews.

There is not much point singing the praises of a quiet dishwasher that will not clean.

Quiet Dishwasher Features

Even smaller countertop dishwashers have quite a few extra features to ensure quiet, clean, and efficient dishwashing. Here are some of the things you might want included with your new dishwasher.

  • Different Cleaning Cycles. Most dishwashers have a minimum of 5 different wash cycles to choose from plus additional options. Our Samsung, for instance offers 6 cycles–Auto, Normal, Heavy, Delicate, Express, Rinse Only–along with options including Lower Rack only, Stormwash, Hi-Temp, Sanitize, along with delayed start. Most people will only use some of choices and/or options. But they are nice to have if your circumstances should change.
  • Water Temperature. Everyone wants to eat and drink from sanitary dishes. And particularly want to kill food bacteria on baby and child dishes. Having a dishwasher that will sanitize the loads will make most people much more comfortable. 
  • Capacity. The dishwashers on our list have capacities between 2 full place settings and 16 full place settings. So whether you entertain a lot, or let the dishes build up before turning on the machine there is one big enough for your needs. The small capacity machines are perfect for couples or people who live alone. They can be run daily without using much water or electricity to keep dishes clean.
  • Leak Protection. Many dishwashers have a tendency to leak around the bottom of the door gasket–eventually. Having a leak sensor on the machine that will turn it off before the kitchen floor is flooded provides peace of mind.

Additional Quiet Dishwasher Buying Considerations

  • Size. Size can refer to many different things–kitchen size, counter size, number of people in home, party size, among other sizes. For instance, buying a 2 setting counter dishwasher may not work well for a family of 4.
  • Cost. Ranging in price from around $350.00 for a good quiet countertop model up to $3000.00 for the one that does everything but cook the meal, dishwashers are not an inexpensive purchase. Be prepared to spend between $750.00 and $1500.00 for a decent dishwasher, that will fulfil most of your wants and needs. (Our Samsung was less than a $1000.00 a few years ago.)
  • Warranty. 1 year parts and labor warranties are fairly standard in the industry. Some of them offer ‘in home’ service included with the warranty. Or the opportunity to buy an extended warranty. 
  • Energy Efficiency. Most dishwasher manufacturers are complying with, or getting close to complying with, Energy Star requirements. Not only are Energy Star appliances good for the environment, being compliant is just good business.

FAQs About Quietest Dishwasher

1) What is an integrated dishwasher?

An integrated dishwasher is one that fits into, and under the kitchen cabinets and countertop. The door matches either the counters or the other appliances. A fully integrated machine has the controls hidden on the top edge of the door. A partially integrated dishwasher has the controls in the normal position–on the front of the door.

2) How quiet can dishwashers be?

Some dishwashers only produce around 40 decibels of sound. That is the noise made by a babbling brook or your computer. 

3) What makes a quiet dishwasher?

Generally, there is no one thing that makes a dishwasher quieter. It is the combination of manufacturing processes that quiet the machine. Such as stainless steel tub, type and amount of insulation, pump and mountings, integrated dishwasher or not, among other things. Together all of the little improvements make a quieter machine.

4) When is this supply chain issue going to be resolved?

No one seems to have any idea. I feel that anyone giving a hard and fast prediction is just making it up. Even though Bosch is telling us there is an 8 – 12 month wait for an order to show up, that does not mean the supply chain is back to normal. Someone ordering a dishwasher 12 months from now may still be waiting another 12 months for delivery.

5) Why are some dishwashers much quieter?

There are many different factors that go into making a dishwasher quiet. Here are some of them.

  • Tub type. Stainless steel is quieter than plastic.
  • Insulation around the tub.
  • Built-In or Free Standing. Built in dishwashers are quieter because the cabinets and countertop absorb sound.
  • Sounds of water pump, drain pump, filter, and water moving inside the machine.

While You Are Waiting

If you are waiting for delivery of your new dishwasher, you might want to–or have to–give some consideration to extending the life of your existing machine. Or you may want to make it quieter. For more information please see our article How to Soundproof a Dishwasher.

You may find that soundproofing your existing dishwasher, along with doing a few simple repairs and/or replacing some parts could extend the life of your machine for a few extra years. Given the supply chain issues we keep hearing about, this may be a good option–assuming that the parts you may need are available.

Technician soundproofing a dishwasher
Soundproofing A Dishwasher

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