Air Conditioner Compressor on 2005 Ram Hemi.

Why is the A/C in My Car Making Noise?

Automobile air conditioners usually run quietly, and keep you cool on the hot days. If yours is starting to make strange and unexplained noises, you need to find out why. Before something more serious occurs.  … Read more

Front passenger side tire

Why is My Car Making Noise When I Turn?

Most of the time you are driving, there is no difference in sound between straight roads, curves, or corners. But occasionally you will begin to hear unfamiliar whining, squealing, clunking, creaking, or popping sounds when … Read more

Refrigerator compressor, back view

Why is My Freezer Making a Knocking Noise?

The average noise level of modern freezers/refrigerators is under 50 decibels–the sound of a quiet conversation in your home. (Quite often 50 decibels is equated to the noise a refrigerator makes.) If your refrigerator/freezer starts … Read more

Speed queen washing machine, top and controls

Why is My Washer Making a Grinding Noise?

Washing machines are not quiet. But they do not have to sound like cement mixers either. Grinding noise from your washing machine can be fairly easy to diagnose with a little patience, some basic tools, … Read more

man adjusting brake pads on brake drum

Why are My Brakes Making a Grinding Noise?

Hearing a squealing or squeaking sound coming from your brakes occasionally–and for a short time–can be a fairly normal occurrence.  Hearing a constant grinding noise coming from your brakes is not normal, and should be … Read more

Air return vent cover

Why is My Air Vent Making Noise?

The gentle swooshing sound of air moving through your HVAC system can be very soothing. Not so much if you start hearing knocking, banging, and rattling. You may also hear squeaking or squealing, clicks, hums, … Read more

knocking sound from these pipes behind the wall

Why do Pipes Make Noise?

Your plumbing system should be just like the old English proverb, “Children should be seen, and not heard.” A good plumbing system should provide water and drainage on demand without much more noise than splashing … Read more