Sones to decibel conversion chart

Sones Ratings and Charts

Most people have at least a rough idea of what a decibel is. But when a measurement of noise level is expressed in sones, we might be a little confused. Here is the Concise Oxford … Read more

sump pump with wooden cover

Why is My Sump Pump Making Noise?

Sump pumps generally operate fairly quietly, so if you start hearing yours, it is time to figure out what is happening. The pump is there to keep your basement dry. Keeping it running to do … Read more

natural gas furnace making noise

Why is My Furnace Making Noise?

Forced air furnaces are usually fairly quiet if they are installed properly. But age and wear can eventually make them noisy and annoying. Noise from the furnace will travel through the pipes and be heard … Read more

Air Conditioner Compressor on 2005 Ram Hemi.

Why is the A/C in My Car Making Noise?

Automobile air conditioners usually run quietly, and keep you cool on the hot days. If yours is starting to make strange and unexplained noises, you need to find out why. Before something more serious occurs.  … Read more

Front passenger side tire

Why is My Car Making Noise When I Turn?

Most of the time you are driving, there is no difference in sound between straight roads, curves, or corners. But occasionally you will begin to hear unfamiliar whining, squealing, clunking, creaking, or popping sounds when … Read more

Refrigerator compressor, back view

Why is My Freezer Making a Knocking Noise?

The average noise level of modern freezers/refrigerators is under 50 decibels–the sound of a quiet conversation in your home. (Quite often 50 decibels is equated to the noise a refrigerator makes.) If your refrigerator/freezer starts … Read more