Dehumidifier in a finished basement

How to Make a Dehumidifier Quieter

Generally, a newer dehumidifier is not a loud machine. Most of them produce between 55 decibels and 65 decibels. Which is equivalent of the noise made by an electric kettle or toothbrush and a conversation … Read more

Wall clock, white face, black hands

How to Make a Clock Quieter

In some ways, the ticking of an alarm clock can be a comforting sound. Or the ticking of a wall clock. But there could also be times that the constant ticking noise–specially at 2 AM … Read more

3 Pairs of Broken-In Quiet Boots - Composite, Leather, Rubber

How to Make Boots Quieter

Whether your boots are steel-toed work wear or thigh-high fashion statements, you want them to be quiet. Becoming the center of attention because you sound like you are wearing wooden clogs or squeaking like you … Read more

3 blenders side by side on the countertop

How to Make a Blender Quiet

Food blenders have a reputation for being noisy. It is well deserved. Some newer blenders are available with quiet-shield technology to help them operate quieter, but generally speaking, blenders are not quiet. Especially when used … Read more

2-stroke outboard motor with prop out of the water

How to Make a 2-Stroke Outboard Quieter

Two-stroke outboard motors are loud–some over 100 decibels–louder than a belt sander or motorcycle. Not everyone appreciates having a quiet day on the water disturbed by the noise of a screaming motor behind them. Here … Read more

Soundproofing fabric

Types of Cheap Soundproofing Material

Everyone who wants to soundproof a room or whole house wants to do it cheaply. Here are some of the cheapest soundproofing materials you can use. We are going to make sure that the products … Read more

Sones to decibel conversion chart

Sones Ratings and Charts

Most people have at least a rough idea of what a decibel is. But when a measurement of noise level is expressed in sones, we might be a little confused. Here is the Concise Oxford … Read more

sump pump with wooden cover

Why is My Sump Pump Making Noise?

Sump pumps generally operate fairly quietly, so if you start hearing yours, it is time to figure out what is happening. The pump is there to keep your basement dry. Keeping it running to do … Read more

natural gas furnace making noise

Why is My Furnace Making Noise?

Forced air furnaces are usually fairly quiet if they are installed properly. But age and wear can eventually make them noisy and annoying. Noise from the furnace will travel through the pipes and be heard … Read more