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Moving Blankets For Soundproofing Rooms

If you’re not looking to spend a fortune on professional soundproofing materials, then moving blankets can be a fantastic way to soundproof a room or studio on a budget. The Sure-Max quilted moving blankets are an affordable, easy way to lower the noise in your room by a few decibels or more.

Do Moving Blankets Work for Soundproofing a Room?

The best soundproofing materials are those that absorb sounds. Moving blankets are soft and plush, so they can effectively absorb soundwaves. Thus, using certain moving blankets can be a great way to quiet a noisy room.

They are also effective at reducing echo because they absorb sounds instead of letting them bounce around a room.

Do keep in mind that moving blankets tend to be better for quieting low-frequency noises rather than high-frequency noises. This means that they can quiet conversations, but they won’t do much for car horns, sirens, or other piercing sounds.

However, not all moving blankets are ideal for soundproofing. In general, thick, dense blankets are the best for dampening sound. The blankets also need to be made of certain materials.

Polyester and other synthetic materials are the best fabrics for soundproofing. Foam is also an effective material, although moving blankets or mats made with foam are less common.

Also, look for blankets that are weaved or quilted. The added texture can help to better capture soundwaves.

Of course, the size of the blanket matters too. For soundproofing purposes, you’ll want to look for the largest blankets possible so that they can easily cover walls, doors, or floors.

Overall, the right moving blanket can indeed soundproof a room. However, keep in mind that they will never do as good of a job as products that are made specifically for soundproofing, such as foam acoustic panels. Using blankets is best for people on a budget or for those who do not expect professional quality results.

black moving blankets cover walls and ceiling of recording studio

How to Soundproof a Room with Blankets

Doors and Windows

Doors and windows tend to be the greatest sources of noise in any room, as they are thinner than walls and typically not sealed well. As such, they are the first room objects you should consider when beginning your soundproofing project.

For doors, the obvious solutions are to nail or glue the blankets. These will be the most effective methods, as the blanket will both cover the entire door and seal the gaps. However, nails and glue will likely leave permanent damage to your door, and they are difficult to remove if you want to take the blanket down at any point.

As such, I recommend using heavy duty hooks for your door to hang the blanket off of.

You can cut small holes in the blanket so that the hooks can easily hold them up.

There are 2 kinds of hooks: adhesive hooks and hooks that hang over the door.

If you prefer hooks that hang on the door, I recommend the SKOLOO door hangers with 5 hooks. They come in a 2 pack in case you have more than 1 door that you want to soundproof. In addition, they have 5 hooks to hold up a blanket, which makes them quite durable and able to hold up even the heaviest of fabrics.

The SKOLOO hooks also come in a variety of colors, so it’s likely that they’ll have a color that suits your room’s aesthetic.

If you’re looking for heavy duty adhesive hooks, I recommend this 4 pack of adhesive hooks from FOTYRIG. They are a simple, inexpensive peel and stick solution that does not leave any residue on your wall.

They also have a stainless steel look that is quite minimalist, so these adhesive hooks suit just about any room.

Each hook can hold a maximum of 15 pounds, and there are 4 hooks in each pack. This is more than strong enough to hold up your moving blanket with ease.

For windows, the best way to install a blanket is to simply drape it over your curtain rod if you have one. That way, you don’t have to do any permanent damage to your room, and you can remove the blanket any time you want.

However, this method will leave some gaps at the sides. For optimal window soundproofing, you’ll need to cover these gaps.

You can use glue to seal the sides of your windows. For a less messy solution, this roll of clear, double sided tape from EZlifego will do a good job of sealing out all the noise that tries to leak through your window.

Also, just in case your window doesn’t have a curtain rod, the adhesive hooks I mentioned above for doors will work just as well for windows.


For the average sized wall, you’ll need at least 2 blankets to cover the entire surface. You may also need to measure and trim the blankets to get them to fit your wall perfectly. A box cutter or any other sharp blade should be an effective way to cut your blankets down to size.

You can also use the box cutter to slice small holes in the blankets for hooks to go through. That way, you can use adhesive hooks to hang up your blankets on the walls.

I recommend using a hook in each corner of each moving blanket that you put on your wall. To seal in the sides, use adhesive tape to seal the blanket to the wall.

Ceiling and Floor

You may be asking if it’s necessary to soundproof your ceiling and floor. For the vast majority of people, soundproofing them is not necessary. You should only do it if you really want your room to be as silent as possible, such as if you have a recording studio.

Another reason why you may want to put moving blankets on your ceiling and floor is if you have an upstairs or a downstairs with lots of commotion. (E.g., perhaps you live in a townhome or an apartment building.)

As you may expect, soundproofing your floor is quite easy. All you have to do is place the moving blankets down like a rug. The only difficult part may be trimming them to get them to fit perfectly with the floor.

If you want added stability and soundproofing, you can use adhesive strips on the floor to keep the blankets in place.

For ceilings, things will get a bit more tricky. you’ll need a stepladder, and you may want to enlist the help of another person to get the blankets on the ceiling.

You should be able to use adhesive hooks on your ceiling to hang your blankets as you did for the walls, doors, and windows. However, if you have textured ceilings, the adhesive may not stick. In that case, you may have to drill holes in your ceiling to get the hooks the stay securely in place.

With ceilings, blankets slipping down or showing gaps is more of an issue. When you are installing the hooks, make sure you do so in such a way that the blankets are pulled taut to minimize the chance that they will hang down.

You can also try adhesive tape or glue on the sides of the blanket to keep it secure on the ceiling.


Did you know that you can even quiet noisy appliances just by draping a moving blanket over them? Appliances like washing machines and dishwashers are perfect for soundproofing, as they tend to be the noisiest appliances in our homes.

Do make sure that the appliance is safe to cover with a blanket. Generally speaking, you will likely be safe covering it if it does not produce heat. If it does produce heat, then it will be a fire hazard to cover it with a moving blanket.

For extra security and longevity, you can use clear double sided tape to tape the edges of the blanket to the appliance. this will help keep it from sliding off, and the seal can provide superior soundproofing.


Hard surfaces made out of wood or stone can bounce sound waves around a room, which can amplify the noise. Consider covering hard surfaces like tables, chairs, and desks with moving blankets so that they will absorb those sound waves instead of letting them scatter around a room.

Simply drape a moving blanket over your piece of furniture to soundproof it. For better results, use double sided adhesive tape to seal the edges of the blanket to the furniture. Not only does this make the setup more secure, but the seal also helps to better deaden noises.

Best  Moving Blankets for Soundproofing (and Most Effective)

You now know that the best blankets for soundproofing are large, thick, dense, and made of certain materials, such as polyester. With that being said, we compiled all the best blankets that meet these criteria below for your convenience.

Top 4 Moving Blankets for SoundproofingWhy It's BestRating
Sure-Max 12 Pack of Moving BlanketsEconomical, high quality materials, effective, large, large quantity★★★★★
Audimute Sound Dampening BlanketMade for soundproofing, highly effective, large, aesthetic★★★★★
Big Boxer Grommeted Industrial BlanketsHighly effective, grommeted for easy hanging★★★★★
WEN Heavy Duty Padded Moving BlanketsEconomical, effective, large quantity★★★★

Sure-Max 12 Quilted Moving and Packing Blankets

The Sure-Max packing blankets are an economical and effective way to quiet any room. Each of the moving blankets provides roughly 36 square feet of coverage, and each pack of blankets comes with 12. You may very well be able to soundproof your entire room with only one of these packs, though you may need more for a large area or multiple rooms. 

These blankets have all the characteristics that make a material good for quieting noises and echoes. They are oversized and made of a textured polyester material.

A nice feature to these blankets is that they are very lightweight. Each blanket is only a little under 3 pounds, so you can easily hang them from a wall or ceiling without worrying about them falling down under their own weight.

However, the light weight does come at a cost. These blankets are not quite as thick and dense as some other competitors, so their soundproofing abilities are a bit limited. If you truly want the best soundproofing experience possible out of packing blankets, you may wish to look elsewhere.

These blankets are navy blue with white zigzag stitching, which looks quite muted and pleasant in any room. They also come in a black color with white stitching.

These colors may make a room look a bit dark. However, do keep in mind that these blankets were not meant for displaying, so the vast majority of moving blankets will look a bit plain. These blankets work best for sound studios or rooms that are not frequented as often.

If you plan to put the blankets in a frequented location like a living room, you may want to keep searching for the few moving blankets out there that are more stylish.

Quilted Moving Blankets

The Quilted moving blankets are one of the best types of moving blankets on the online market for silencing rooms. At 7 pounds each, they are very heavy and made of an extremely dense, durable fabric.

These blankets will be your best bet at making your room as quiet as possible. In addition, they are some of the largest moving blankets you’ll find at about 36 square feet per blanket. This makes it easier to cover large surfaces like walls and floors with these pads.

The weight makes these a professional quality product due to their high quality, dense material.

However, products like these usually have a few drawbacks, and this product is no exception.

For one thing, the heaviness can be both a blessing and a curse. While the weight makes them great for soundproofing, hanging them up on walls, doors, or windows may be a chore. Ceilings would be even more difficult.

In addition, like many products, these blankets emphasize functionality over aesthetics. The traffic cone orange color of these blankets is certainly eyecatching, but probably not in the want that you want them to be. However, they can be turned around to just show a plain black color with white zigzag stitching, which is a bit more pleasing to the eye.

Also, as you may expect, the moving pads are one of the more expensive options available. As such, they may be best to use in smaller areas where you do not have to purchase as many.

Grommeted Industrial Blanket

The Grommeted Industrial Blanket is a large size polyester moving blanket that effectively dampens sounds from noisy roommates and the outside world.

A convenient feature of these blankets is that they have metal grommets on one side every 9 inches. This makes hanging the blankets on hooks or a curtain rod a breeze.

Indeed, these blankets are perfect for hanging up like curtains. If your window is thin, unsealed, or otherwise lets noise seep in, this blanket will effectively quiet those noises.

If you’re using the blanket like a curtain, you can effectively disguise the look of the industrial blanket by layering a regular curtain over it on the curtain rod.

However, its ability to quiet high-frequency noises like beeping horns and emergency sirens is limited. The blanket is better for dampening lower frequency noises, such as talking people.

The blanket is a matte black color with white zigzag stitching. It’s muted enough to use in virtually any room without ruining the room’s aesthetic, but it will make the room significantly darker.

Audimute Sound Absorption Dampening Blanket

The Audimute dampening blanket is one of the few blankets that are actually designed for soundproofing. The manufacturer notes that the blanket is primarily for absorbing sounds and reducing vibrations, not blocking noises. Thus, it’s perfect for applications like a home studio or band room.

This blanket has a unique size. It is 8 feet long but only about four and a half feet wide. It works best when hanging it as a banner or curtain rather than trying to cover an entire wall with the material.

Metal grommets on the top and bottom of this blanket make hanging or draping it easy.

Another consideration is cost. These sound deadening blankets are not cheap, and they are sold individually. As such, they are best when you just need to soundproof a small area. For larger projects, consider a more budget friendly option.

These soundproofing blankets are some of the most aesthetically pleasing blankets on the market. They could easily be confused for regular drapes or curtains.

Additionally, the blankets come in a variety of colors. They come in the standard neutral tones like steel, black, and navy blue. If you are looking for a more novel color, the blankets also come in a cream color and a red color.

SOMIDE Moving Blanket

This moving blanket from SOMIDE is one of the biggest blankets you’ll find online with dimensions of 72″ by 80″. This blanket is much more of a square shape than most other blankets, which could be ideal depending on your intended use. For example, this blanket could soundproof a wooden floor or cover a large section of a wall.

The quality materials that comprise this blanket are another positive aspect. The inside of the blanket is stuffed with cotton, and the outside lining is a polyester blend, which happens to be an effective soundproofing material.

Other blankets are usually filled with synthetic type materials that can give off a chemical odor. However, these moving blankets are filled with cotton, which does not give off an annoying smell.

The fabric has white zigzag stitching. It is double sided, with one side being a blue color and the other side bewing black with white stars and stitching.

I appreciate that SOMIDE goes out of their way to make these moving blankets more aesthetically pleasing than most other competitors. The stars pattern will not be suitable in every room, but in the right room it can really improve the overall appearance of the room rather than detract from it.

In addition, the fabric is thick and durable enough to hold up with repeated washes. This is an important feature to have, as blankets get dusty and dirty over time.

One consideration is that these blankets are sold individually rather than in a pack of multiple blankets. As such, they can get expensive the more you purchase. If you have a large soundproofing project that will require multiple blankets, you may want to look into more economical options rather than purchasing these blankets.

WEN Heavy Duty Padded Moving Blankets

These heavy duty moving blankets from WEN are a 100 percent polyester option for soundproofing any room.

Polyester is a nice material for absorbing sounds, so these blankets should work quite well considering they are fully polyester.

These moving blankets are on the smaller side, which can be a pro or a con depending on the nature of your project. They are about 6 feet high and a bit over 3 feet wide, so they are more rectangular in shape than most other blankets out there. This could be a nice feature if you have a small area to soundproof, such as a small window.

If the size of the blanket may be an issue for you, do keep in mind that these come in 6 and 12 packs before discounting them entirely. That’s more than enough blankets for most projects, even if these are smaller than average.

The look of these blankets will not suit any room, but they can look fantastic in the right room. They have a vibrant orange lining with a black body with white zigzag stitching. This could look stylish in a computer gaming room or a home theater, for example.

One indication of the superior build quality is that these moving blankets are machine washable. Poorly crafted fabrics tend to deteriorate in the washing machine.

Of course, the fact that these blankets can be used in the washing machine means that they are easy to maintain and clean. Since these moving blankets will be displayed prominently, they can accumulate dust and dirt over time. Thus, it is a great benefit to be able to just throw them in the washing machine to clean them off.

One thing to note is that these moving blankets are not as thick as some of their competitors. These blankets do not contain a stuffing like cotton, so they are a thinner than average.

Thickness is an important aspect for effective soundproofing, so you may wish to explore other options if you are looking for top notch soundproofing out of moving blankets. The WEN moving blankets will be effective for dampening some noise, but you will not likely see a significant improvement in sound blocking.

However, if your purpose is primarily absorbing sounds to reduce echo, these should work well for that application. Reducing echo and reverberation is what polyester is best at doing.

ZENY 24 Pack of Quilted Moving Blankets

If you have a huge soundproofing project that requires a ton of blankets, then the ZENY quilted moving blankets are a fantastic choice that allows you to save money while buying in bulk.

This 24 pack of blankets is also great if you plan to double up up on blankets. For example, you can overlap 2 blankets over a wall, door, or window to improve how much your blankets quiet outside noises.

Despite being an economical choice, these blankets still offer all the quality you would want out of a moving blanket used for soundproofing purposes.

The inner stuffing is a cotton material, while the outer lining is polyester. This combination makes the blankets thick enough to offer effective sound dampening abilities.

The stitching is also high quality and durable. The edges are double lined to keep them from unraveling over time, and the body of the blankets are stitched in a zigzag pattern to add extra durability and flair.

An indicator of quality is whether the fabric can be machine washed or not. The blankets are durable enough to hold up well in the washing machine, although the manufacturer recommends hanging them up to dry. This makes them convenient to clean, as blankets gather dust, dirt, and grime over time when exposed.

And, at 80 inches by 72 inches, these ZENY shipping blankets are large enough for any soundproofing project that you have in mind.

The look of these blankets is about typical for moving blankets. They come with one side navy blue, while the other side is black. If you have a darker themed room, then these blankets should fit in quite well with your room’s aesthetic.

EcoBox Pack of 12 Moving Blankets

If you’re looking for a lightweight blanket that can dampen echoes and vibrations in your music room or recording studio, then these blankets would be perfect for you.

At 80″ by 72″, this pack of 12 blankets will likely be large enough for any sized project. They can be used to cover windows, walls, and doors, and you may even have enough left over for other applications, like protecting furniture.

These blankets are lighter than average at about 3 pounds per blanket. This is because they are a bit thinner than average. This can either be an advantage or disadvantage depending on the nature of your project.

Thin, light moving blankets are easy to hang on any surface, even a ceiling. They are also easier to keep in place.

However, as you may expect, light moving blankets are worse for soundproofing. This is because they cannot absorb sounds as well as thick, heavy moving blankets that have an inner stuffing, such as cotton.

If you are looking to deaden echoes and reverberations, then these blankets will suit that purpose. However, their utility in blocking noises is limited to due to their light weight.

Despite their thinness, the EcoBox moving blankets are still durable. The outer edges are double stitched so that they won’t unravel, and the body is stitched in a zigzag pattern.

In addition, the moving blankets come in a sky blue color, which is unique among shipping blankets. Shipping blankets are typically dull colors like navy blue or black, so the pleasant light blue color will be a bonus to some buyers.

Buying Considerations

Not just any moving blanket will be effective at soundproofing. When purchasing an item for something other than its intended purpose, it’s important to know exactly what you’re looking for so that you don’t waste money by buying the wrong thing.


The most paramount consideration is material type and the overall quality of the blankets you are looking to purchase. The most common moving blanket material is likely polyester, which is suitable for soundproofing rooms.

Foam is another effective material, although it is not commonly seen in moving blankets.

While a moving blanket with cotton stuffing and polyester lining can be a solid choice for sound deadening, be cautious of moving blankets that are made solely of cotton or other materials than do not soundproof well.

Build Quality

Thickness of the blanket is another crucial consideration for obvious reasons. The thicker the blanket, the better it will be at soundproofing. If you can get a thick blanket with a textured surface, such as quilting, this can make your blanket even better at dampening noises.

Thickness and durability is also important if you ever plan to wash your blanket. Since your blanket will be exposed in a room, it will likely accumulate dust, dirt, and grime over time. I recommend getting a moving pad that is washing machine friendly so that you can easily throw it in the washer if it even gets soiled.

If a moving blanket is washing machine friendly, this is also a clue that it is probably made of a good quality material. Poorly constructed fabrics tend to get demolished in the washing machine and dryer.

Also, look for moving blankets that are sewn well. Zigzag patterns and double stitching on the edges are indications that the blanket is sewn adequately. This is important for the durability and longevity of your moving blanket.


As stated at the beginning of the article, when it comes to moving blankets, the bigger the better. Windows, doors, and walls all have large surface areas, so you want your blanket to be able to cover those areas as much as possible. Larger blankets also save you money because you do not have to purchase as many.

Generally, you’ll want a moving blanket with the dimensions 72″ by 80″, though something slightly smaller or larger is also acceptable.


Let’s face it: moving blankets are not designed with looks in mind. Manufacturers figure that people will just use them to toss furniture in the back of a moving van, so making the blankets pretty is the last thing on their minds.

However, the looks of the blanket will likely be more important to you, as it will likely be displayed on a wall or over a door where everyone who walks in can see it. As such, you should take a moment to consider the overall aesthetics of your room to determine which blanket will look best in it.

You you have a room with primarily light or white colors, you won’t want a giant black blanket to disrupt that style. The Audimute dampening blankets come in a cream color that would suit a light room nicely.

On the other hand, some people have rooms that consist primarily of colors like black, gray, and navy blue. If that is the room you’re looking to soundproof, then you’re in luck, as most moving blankets come in these colors.

You may like the Sure-Max moving blankets in that case, since they come in a pleasant navy blue color with white stitching.


Do you consider your soundproofing project large, small, or somewhere in between? A small project may be something like installing a sound deadening blanket on a curtain rod to quiet noises coming in from a thin window.

For small projects like these, you’ll likely only need a single blanket, or perhaps 2. In that case, you can typically splurge on a moving blanket that will provide a premium soundproofing experience. For example, the Audimute acoustic blanket is one of the few blankets that is designed with noise dampening in mind.

As such, it offers some of the best sound absorbing capabilities that you’ll find online. However, as you may expect, each blanket costs a fairly hefty chunk of change.

In contrast, a large project often involves multiple surfaces that you want to soundproof, such as a window, a door, and a wall all together.

In that case, you’ll likely want to purchase moving blankets in bulk. They are typically sold in packs of 4 or 12. I recommend these Sure-Max moving blankets as one of the most economical choices out there for people with large projects in mind.

FAQs About Moving Blankets For Soundproofing

Are moving blankets soundproof?

In short, moving blankets are not a professional means for soundproofing. They can lower commotion by a few decibels or more, but they will not perform miracles like expensive professional installations possibly could.

So, no, moving blankets are not perfectly soundproof. However, they can be an effective way to dampen your noisy room if you have realistic expectations about their capabilities.

Moving blankets tend to be best suited for blocking low frequency noises like conversations. However, they will let high frequency noises, such as beeping, through.

In addition, they tend to absorb sounds more than they do block them. Moving blankets can effectively reduce reverberations and echo, which can improve the sound quality of a recording studio.

What’s the cheapest way to soundproof a room?

In general, the cheapest way to soundproof a room is to purchase only what you need. Instead of covering your entire room in soundproofing material, which costs lots of time, money, and effort, focus instead on the most common culprits for letting noise through.

These culprits are doors and windows. These fixtures are, of course, thinner than walls by design, so they let noise through. In addition, they tend to have a lot of gapping because they are meant to open and close.

To save money, only buy 1 or 2 blankets and use them to cover your door and window rather than the entire room. If your window has a curtain rod, then you’re in luck. You can hang the moving blanket like a set of curtains underneath your real curtains.

That way, your only expense is the moving blanket. You don’t have to pay for hooks, glue, or anything else.

Once you have the moving blankets in place, you may also want to look into caulking as an inexpensive way to fill in gaps in your window. For doors, look into weather strips that you can place in the cracks to block out noise from your room.


Not everyone wants to spend the time and money to install official soundproofing equipment in their home, studio, or office. Sometimes all you want is to lower the room’s noise by a few decibels so that you can effectively muffle the outside world and get work done. Or perhaps you have a light sleeping baby, and you’re hoping that both you and the baby can get more sleep if you soundproof the child’s room.

Whatever your story, moving blankets can make your life better and quieter.

For small projects, you may only want 1 or 2 premium quality blankets. In that case, I recommend the Audimute sound deadening blankets. They are sold individually and cost more than blankets sold in bulk, but they are made of a thick, high quality material that is engineered to soundproof your room better than other moving blankets.

However, for large projects, buying individual moving blankets can get really pricey really fast. If you need 4 or more blankets, you should buy in bulk to save money. The 12 pack of Sure-Max quilted moving blankets are a budget friendly way to soundproof a room, yet they still offer high quality and effective noise silencing capabilities.

Overall, the Sure-Max moving blankets are the best soundproofing option for most people because they are huge, affordable, and versatile enough to use on any surface. And, most importantly, the Sure-Max blankets will dampen noise and echoes in your room, studio, or office.

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