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The Quietest Hair Dryers

Hair dryer power (expressed in watts) has long been the standard for judging how good the machine is at drying hair. But the quietest hair dryers have Tourmaline and Ceramic technology combined with additional fan blades and anti-vibration product design, lower watt–1850 watts or less–hair dryers are almost as efficient as more powerful dryers.

Top 6 Best and Quietest Hair DryersWhy It's BestRating
SKANWEN Professional Hair DryerQuiet 1400 watt AC motor. Quick drying time. Very light < 3/4 lb. 5 drying modes. Multiple speeds.★★★★★
Conair 1600 Watt Wall-Mount Hair Dryer Quiet 1600 watt motor. Convenient wall mount c/w night light and auto shut off. Compact and light weight.★★★★★
Panasonic Low-Noise IONITY Hair Dryer Only 49 decibels of noise. 1200 watt motor. Weighs 1.3 lb. Low noise makes it ideal for pets.★★★★★
MHU Professional Ionic Low Noise Hair DryerQuiet 1875 watt AC motor. Compact. Low vibration. Salon grade dryer.★★★★★
Panasonic Nanoe Salon Hair Dryer Quiet 1875 watt motor. Oscillating quick dry nozzle. Nanoe technology allows moisture particles to penetrate hair follicles.★★★★★
MINT Professional Series Stealth Ionic+ Hair Dryer Extremely quiet 1875 AC motor. Tourmaline infrared heat. Built to last over 1000 hours.★★★★★

The Top Quietest Hair Dryers of 2023

The following list of 10 quiet hair dryers provides different options for you to choose from. Including power, price, size, attachments and settings. Hopefully you will find one that suits your needs.

1) Skanwen Professional Hair Dryer

The Skanwen Professional Hair Dryer is a little on the pricy side compared to some of the other models listed here. But given the extras that it has, this might be one of those ‘You get what you pay for’ products. Starting with a 1400 watt AC motor which runs at 120,000 RPM producing a maximum airspeed of 18 meters/second making drying time much faster than most of its competitors. The brushless motor increases airspeed by up to 40% and it will last up to 4 times longer than other blower motors. And still produces under 82 decibels of noise.

It is very light at under 3/4 lbs. and comes with a 75″ power cord. Three styling accessories come with it–2 different sized styling concentrators and a diffuser for curly or wavy hair. All accessories are mounted with magnets allowing 360 degree rotation to get to the perfect angle. This Skanwen provides constant temperature control of 57 degrees Celsius (135 degrees Fahrenheit) and 5 push button drying modes–quick dry, smooth hair, fluffy hair, hot/cold alternating, and cool shot. The negative ion generator will produce up the 20 million negative ions per second.

Easy clean magnetic micro filters prevent dust from entering the motor. They also prevent hair from being sucked into the rear coil of the dryer. A nice bonus.

The on/off switch and the cool shot button are located on the handle with all other controls on one side of the machine body, saving you from inadvertently changing settings in mid-dry. It weighs just under 3/4 lbs. and comes with a 75″ power cord c/w an ALCI plug for safety. The folding handle affords a convenient fit for most handbags or backpacks. And for traveling, the Skanwen comes with its own case designed for the dryer and all accessories.

The Good

  • 82 decibel noise level (about the sound of a garbage disposal)
  • 1400 watt AC motor runs at 120,000 RPM – claims it lasts 4 times longer than competitors
  • Very lightweight at 3/4 lb.
  • Constant temperature control
  • 5 drying modes
  • Negative ion generator produces up to 20 million negative ions per second
  • Comes with custom carrying case

The Not so Good

  • A little pricy, but good value for money spent

2) Conair 1600 Watt Wall Mounted Hair Dryer with LED Light

The Conair wall mounted hair dryer emulates the convenient form factor of hotel hair dryers while still delivering quiet and effective operation. Bathrooms are cramped enough as it is, and adding a hair dryer only takes up more precious counter space. This model is great because it comes with all the supplies necessary to mount the hair dryer on the wall.

A small motor and fan minimizes the noise that this dryer produces. You can expect it to be quieter than most other hair dryers and produce fewer vibrations and high pitched sounds. The wall mount has some useful features as well, such as a built in night light and an auto shut off feature when the dryer is placed on the mount. This hair dryer has a 6 foot coiling power cord, which means it can be used even with outlets that would be out of reach for most other hair dryers. Another ingenious feature is a hook at the bottom of the mount so the cord can be rolled up and out of the way when not in use.

The Conair hair dryer itself is highly compact and lightweight, so you don’t have to worry about your arm getting tired while using this product. Two heat and speed settings allow you to customize the dryer to suit your needs. The low setting produces low heat and a slower air velocity for gentle drying, while the high setting ensures fast and thorough drying. To be sure, the hair dryer does not have as many features or customizations as some other models, but it is great if you’re just looking for a simple and compact blow dryer. Both drywall and ceramic tile provide sufficient support to hold the hair dryer and wall mount.

The Good

  • Quiet, effective hair dryer
  • 1600 watt
  • Wall mount c/w night light and automatic shut off 
  • Compact and lightweight

The Not so Good

  • Lacks versatility – not as many accessories or options

3) Panasonic Low-Noise Ionity Hair Dryer

At only 49 decibels of sound, the Panasonic Low-Noise Ionity Hair Dryer is one of the quietist hair dryers on the market. Maybe the quietest! (50 decibels is the noise your refrigerator makes.) Panasonic’s design featuring dual air flow, a high end fan, and a dead air space between body and fan is what makes it so quiet. This is a very compact hair dryer weighing only 1.3 lbs. It has a folding handle making it a very handy travelling companion. The 1200 watt motor delivers a little less speed and air than some other models but a concentrator (included with purchase) should take care of that by focusing air flow to a smaller area. 

This Panasonic dryer is simple to operate with three one-click settings of high heat/speed, low heat/speed, and cool. And the negative ion technology reduces frizz and static. The swivel-mounted 9′ cord allows you to use a plug that is not located in the bathroom if you want to, or need to. Comes with a 2 year manufacturers warranty.

This is the perfect dryer for drying pet hair because the low decibel level will not scare them as easily as louder models.

Note: This is the Japanese model made for 100 volt outlets. You will need a voltage converter like the Bestek International Power Adaptor.

The Good

  • 49 decibels of noise (sound of a refrigerator) – maybe the quietest hair dryer ever
  • 1200 watt motor with ionic technology
  • Compact and light (1.3 lb.)
  • Folding handle makes it convenient to carry in luggage or bag
  • Pet friendly – because of low noise level

The Not so Good

  • Specifications and manual are in Japanese – but it is a simple machine to operate
  • Lacks versatility – no attachments included

4) MHU Ionic Low Noise Hair Dryer

The MHU Professional Salon Grade 1875 Watt Low Noise Hair Dryer uses Far-Infrared Heat technology to provide an up to 50% quicker drying time with less hair damage. And Negative Ion Technology to dry hair without a frizzy finish. An 1875 Watt AC motor runs extremely smoothly with little vibration making the MHU not only very quiet, but comfortable to hold–specially if you have a lot of hair to dry. This compact hair dryer is less than 4″ long x 3.5 high x just over 2″ in diameter (not including attachments and handle) and has a shipping weight of 2.5 lbs. 

This hair dryer comes with two attachments–a narrow design concentrator that is especially useful for long straight hair, and a diffuser to help make wavy or curly hair more voluminous. The air intake is equipped with a removable and cleanable lint screen, helping add longevity to the motor. Its 6′ long heat proof cord allows you to reach a power outlet at some distance and the attached hook makes storage easy and convenient.

With 3 heat settings and 2 speed settings along with a cool air option, this MHU is truly a salon grade dryer that delivers on its promise of low noise and excellent drying ability in less time.

The Good

  • Produces 75 decibels of noise (about the sound of a vacuum cleaner)
  • 1875 watt AC motor for fast drying
  • Low vibration
  • Far-Infrared Heat technology
  • Negative ion technology

The Not so Good

  • A little on the heavy side at over 2 lbs.

5) Panasonic Nanoe Salon Hair Dryer

The Panasonic Nanoe Salon Hair Dryer uses a trademarked technology to infuse hair follicles with moisture during the drying process to prevent hair from getting too dry. These ultra tiny particles of moisture penetrate the hair instead of just sitting on the exterior like regular ion particles.

This 1875 watt quiet powerful dryer has 3 attachments including an oscillating quick dry nozzle which moves back and forth to gently dry hair while reducing hot spots. The other attachments are a concentrator and a full sized diffuser that adds body to curls and wavy hair and reduces frizz. Side by side sliding control switches on the front of the handle provide 3 heat setting options and 2 speed options. A cool air button is set right above the switches for quick, easy, and convenient use.

The rear mounted filter cover is easily removed to clean out lint and dirt. A 65″ power cord is a little shorter than most other dryers, which makes outlet location more important.

Note: Nanoe technology refers to invisible, ultrafine water particles that contain 1000 times more moisture than regular negative ions. For more detailed information please see What is Nanoe Technology – Hair Dryers?

The Good

  • Quiet 1875 watt powerful dryer
  • Oscillating quick dry nozzle
  • Nanoe technology allows moisture to penetrate hair follicles
  • Easy to use sliding control switches

The Not so Good

  • Power cord is a little short

6) Mint Professional Stealth Ionic+ Hair Dryer

The Mint Professional Stealth Ionic+ Hair Dryer is a powerful, extremely quiet dryer with an 1875 watt AC motor. At 19 ounces, it weighs just a little over a pound. The Ionic+ technology emits millions of ions per second making for healthier, softer, and smoother hair. Combined with an internal Tourmaline infrared heating coil that dries the follicles from the inside out, you are left with soft healthy feeling hair. It includes a diffuser for softer, curly hair, and 2 different sized concentrators for more controlled air flow.

The 3 heat settings and 2 speed settings are controlled with buttons set on the back of the soft-touch grip handle within easy thumb reach. There is also a cool shot button on the front of the handle. A 9′ long electrical cord mounted on a 360 degree swivel allows you to reach an outlet without extension cords (which are not a great idea for hair dryers anyway). 

The manufacturer claims it is used in over 10,000 salons in North America; it is built to last over 1000 hours of use. Its lightweight makes the fairly large size (about 8 1/2″ long without attachments and 8 1/4″ to bottom of handle) easy to handle without stressing your arm and wrist.

The Good

  • Extremely quiet hair dryer
  • Powerful 1875 watt AC motor
  • Weighs just 19 ounces
  • Ionic+ technology
  • Tourmaline infrared heating coil
  • 9″ extra long electrical cord mounted on swivel

The Not so Good

  • A little large and bulky

7) Karrong 1800 Watt Ionic Hair Dryer

The Karrong Ionic Hair Dryer is a quiet powerful appliance in a small package. At only 5.3″ long (without attachments) and 8.7″ tall (to cord) and 2.8″ wide, it will not take up much room at home or when travelling. It comes with 3 heat settings controlled by a slide switch located on the back of the handle and a 2 speed button on the front of the handle. It does have a cool shot button. 

This Karrong dryer comes complete with 3 attachments–one diffuser for curly or wavy hair, and 2 styles of concentrator, one with a comb to help with creative styling. The filter prevents hair from being drawn into the machine, and is easily removed for cleaning. The handle could be better designed. It is absolutely straight which may make it difficult to handle comfortably for some users.

With negative ion technology to eliminate the frizz and maintain natural follicle moisture, hair should remain silky smooth all day. It also boasts a constant temperature technology featuring a U-shaped heating wire to distribute heat evenly; keeping drying temperatures constant.

The size of this compact hair dryer is 5.3″ x 5.7″ x 2.9″.

The Good

  • Quiet, powerful hair dryer
  • 1800 watt motor
  • Compact and light weight
  • Negative ion technology
  • Constant temperature technology for even heat distribution

The Not so Good

  • It does not fold

8) T3 Micro T3 Fit Ionic Compact Hair Dryer

The T3 Micro T3 Fit Ionic Compact Hair Dryer is perfect for traveling. It is a dual voltage dryer that is plug-ready for either 110 volts or 220 volts with a simple switch on the handle to change voltage input. The Lifeline shock protection for your safety is important in places like France where there are no Ground Fault outlets–or even in older North American homes built before the electrical codes changed.

This is a very quiet although expensive machine with just one attachment. Very little ‘fancy’ here–just a nice small machine that gets the job done. The quiet motor and quiet fan still produce turbo-type drying from the 1600 watts.

With 2 heat settings and 2 hot air settings along with a cool shot option, the Micro Turbo will get the job done quickly and easily. It is very light, causing less arm fatigue. Also quite small making it simple to pack and store.

The Good

  • Quiet fan and quiet motor
  • 1600 watts with turbo power
  • Dual voltage makes it an easy travel choice
  • Compact and very lightweight
  • ALCI plug for safety

The Not so Good

  • Lacks versatility – only one attachment

9) Jinri 1875 Watt Professional Tourmaline Hair Dryer

The Jinri 1875 Watt Professional Tourmaline Hair Dryer is equipped with a long lasting DC motor which provides quiet, powerful air flow for quick drying time. This dryer weighs just under 1 1/2 lbs. The narrow air concentrator is ideal for styling smooth straight hair and the diffuser attachment allows you to give your wavy or curly hair the attention it deserves.

3 heat settings and 2 speed settings along with a cool shot to lock in your style provides the flexibility to dry and style your hair the way you want. The negative ion Tourmaline construction helps create smooth silky hair while eliminating the frizz. All of the control switches are on the front of the handle for a comfortable ergonomically designed grip.

The removable, cleanable air filter is designed to keep your dryer intake clean, which makes for a longer life. It will also keep your hair out of the machine. The power cord has an ALCI protective plug which provides protection against electrical shocks–specially when using non-Ground Fault outlets.

The Good

  • Quiet powerful hair dryer
  • 1875 watt long lasting DC motor
  • Negative ion technology
  • Comfortable grip handle
  • ALCI plug

The Not so Good

  • Maybe a little heavy at 1 1/2 lbs.

10) Professional Ionic Hair Dryer

With the ionic hair dryer, you don’t have to sacrifice power for quiet performance. The secret to the hair dryer’s performance is its 1875Watt AC motor, which is engineered to produce a strong wind that dries hair quickly. The motor is coupled with 20 air ducts and 18 fan blades that are designed to minimize noise. This means that the high pitched noise common in hair dryers is reduced in this Unikara model. While this hairdryer is quieter than most competitors, you shouldn’t expect it to be the quietest option, as any powerful motor will necessarily make a bit of noise.

Another highly sought after feature that this blow dryer has is an ion emitter. Ionic hair dryers aren’t just a gimmick, as they actually neutralize charge buildup in hair, which can reduce frizz and static. Ion emitters even repel water molecules, which dries your hair faster and means less time spent with your hair exposed to damaging heat.

The hair dryer has 2 speeds, fast and slower. It has 3 temperature settings that you can change based on your intended purpose. High and medium heat settings will quickly dry hair and add volume. The low heat setting is great for gently drying hair without damaging it with excessive heat. The low heat setting is also a nice way to style your hair into place. You can then use hair spray to lock your style in place all day.

The Unikara blow dryer comes with 2 optional safety nozzles to prevent damage to hair and burns. It also has an extra long power cord at over 7 feet long. Long power cords are a convenient feature to have, as not all bathrooms have outlets nearby. This is also a useful feature if you wish to use the hair dryer at a vanity table or any place where an outlet may not be very close by.

Another highlight is the design of this hair dryer. The blow dryer is made out of sturdy materials like tourmaline and ceramic, whereas most other hair dryers are plastic. You can expect this hair dryer to hold up much longer than others due to its superior materials quality. One downside to this is that the hair dryer is a little heavier than other models at 1.2 pounds, so it may get tiring to hold after a while. Lastly, the hair dryer is suitable for all hair types.

The Good

  • Powerful 1875 watt AC motor designed with quiet performance in mind
  • Negative ion technology
  • Long power cord – over 7′
  • Ceramic and Tourmaline construction

The Not so Good

  • Might seem a little heavy and bulky

How We Chose the Best, Quietest Hair Dryers

Because we are a soundproofing and quiet living site, much of our decision-making process slants toward quiet appliances. This does not mean we ignore the rest of the machine’s qualities. Or lack of qualities. Some quiet hair dryers did not make this list because they did not appear user friendly and/or received some godawful reviews.

Decibel Level

Manufacturers of hair dryers are not required to have decibel ratings displayed on their products or in their literature or on their websites. Which is kind of unfortunate, given that long exposure or repeated exposure to noise over 85 decibels can cause hearing damage. (From National Institute on Deafness.) Any hair dryer with a decibel rating between 70 and 80 is considered quiet. (80 decibels is the noise of an alarm clock or garbage disposal; but remember that neither of those is as close to your ears as a hair dryer.)

If you find a hair dryer with a decibel level prominently displayed, you can probably believe it, because they are proud of it. You can also buy an inexpensive decibel meter to measure the dryer you have or the one you are considering buying. Or, you can apparently, now download an app for your smartphone that measures decibels. (I have no idea how accurate the app is–never having used one, or knowing anyone who has.)

Motor Power (Number of Watts)

The more watts, the louder the dryer. Generally speaking, hair dryers with 1875 watts of power, or lower, will produce less noise than a more powerful appliance. Even at their highest speeds.

Motor Type

Although hair dryers all plug into a regular AC electrical outlet, they can have either AC or DC motors. (AC power is turned into DC power inside the machine.) Most DC motors are louder but not as heavy as AC motors. Most AC motors are quieter but heavier. (Heavy could become a problem if you have long, thick, wavy hair that requires a fairly long time to get dry–not so much for marine boot camp cuts.)

Weight and Size

Lightweight hair dryers are easier to hold and maneuver around your head–especially if you are not endowed with arm-wrestler wrists. Small and light weight dryers are more travel friendly, and if you get one with a folding handle so much the better. It will take up less room in your suitcase.

Features and Design

Control settings such as multiple heat and speed options make a hair dryer more user friendly, enabling you to get the type of drying, styling, and finish you want. And simple one-touch fingertip controls make using a hair dryer more convenient and easier to use. An ergonomically designed handle with a non-slip and non-vibration grip is more comfortable, easier to hold, and maneuver around your head.

Heating Technology

Hair dryers use Ceramic, Tourmaline, or Ionic technology to dry hair. Some use a combination of two or even all three. There are a few brands the also incorporate Infrared heating technology into the dryer. Combining Ceramic technology with either of the other two reduces the noise of a hair dryer. 

Tourmaline technology alone is fairly quiet, but the most important result is healthier, stronger, and silkier hair.

Most hair dryers are made with Ionic Technology because it makes for quieter machines–even when used without Ceramics. If the manufacturer incorporates Ceramic Technology into an Ionic dryer, it will run even quieter.

Quietest Hair Dryer – Best of the Best

Although it is a decibel of two over 80 and one of the more expensive hair dryers on the list, the Skanwen Professional Hair Dryer is the choice for Best of the Best. With so many good to great positive features, it is relatively easy to make it the top choice.

  • Under 82 decibels of noise
  • Quick drying time (less time=less noise)
  • Very light – under 3/4 lb.
  • Multiple drying modes
  • Constant temperature control
  • Negative ion generator produces 20 million negative ions per second
  • Folding handle
  • Custom carrying case

Along with some other bells and whistles like magnetic attachments that rotate 360 degrees, magnetic micro filters, ALCI plug for safety. This Skanwen is a professional-grade hair dryer that can be used in a salon, at home, or traveling.

Best of the Best – Honorable Mention

The Jinri 1875 Watt Professional Tourmaline Hair Dryer is a more cost effective option to the Skanwen dryer. It is a quiet powerful hair dryer with negative ion technology, 3 heat settings, 2 speed settings, and a comfort grip handle. It does not have all of the options, but is an excellent choice at an economical price.


Here are some of the questions that come up when people are considering buying a new hair dryer.

Are quiet hair dryers as good as loud ones?

Yes, because they are manufactured the same. But they may not dry as quickly because of the power they produce. A 1200 watt hair dryer is much quieter than a 2000 watt hair dryer, but will not have the power to produce as much heat or air velocity to dry hair in the same amount of time.

What do I have to give up to get a quiet hair dryer?

Probably nothing except maybe a a little bit of drying time. And probably not even that. New technology has made even quieter, less powerful hair dryers very efficient. And the heat, airspeed, on/off, and cooling buttons should be the same regardless of power rating of the dryer.

Do I need a quiet hair dryer?

Yes, if at all possible. Hearing loss is often considered an age-related problem, but it is usually caused by a lifetime of choices. Continuous or repeated exposure to noise over 85 decibels can cause hearing damage. (From National Institute on Deafness.) It is probably better to trade a little extra drying time now for hearing loss later.

How do I know if a hair dryer is quiet?

Sound is measured in decibels. Any hair dryer measuring less than 80 decibels is considered quiet and should not cause hearing problems. 80 decibels is the noise made by an alarm clock or garbage disposal.

What is Tourmaline and what does it do?

Tourmaline is a semi precious mineral that produces only negative ions when heated. Which increases the amount of negative ions a hair dryer can emit. Tourmaline hair dryers have been found to dry hair up to 40% quicker than non-tourmaline machines. For more information on tourmaline, ceramic, and ionic please see this Modern Salon article.

What is an ALCI plug?

ALCI stands for Appliance Leakage Current Interrupter. They are the equivalent of GFCI electrical outlets but on the cord. They are usually found on appliances used near water–like hair dryers–to prevent electrical shock, fires, or appliance damage. ALCI plugs have a test and reset button that should be checked regularly.

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