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The Best Quietest Vacuum Cleaner

A quiet vacuum cleaner’s decibel range should be 60 decibels to 75 decibels. These are the sound of normal conversation to a toilet flushing. (The European Union has limited all cordless vacuums to a maximum of 80 decibels–about the noise made by an alarm clock or garbage disposal.)

This list includes uprights, canister models, cordless, and robotic vacuums. Every machine on the list produces less than 75 decibels. But more than that, every one of them really sucks. There is no point in having a quiet vacuum with only fair to middling performance.

Note: This list includes only household vacuums. Both of my shop vacs are significantly louder than my wife’s Miele. I am not sure if this is because they are old or if it is just design differences.


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6 Quietest Vacuum Cleaners 

Whether you prefer an upright, cannister, or cordless vacuum this list will give you choices of quiet, efficient machines that will get the house clean without disturbing the baby’s sleep.


1) Miele Complete C3 Marin Canister Vacuum Cleaner 

The Miele Complete C3 Marin Canister Vacuum Cleaner is the vacuum package you need for multiple types of applications, months of replacement filters, and ultra quiet operation. A 1200 watt Vortex motor will only produce between 56 decibels and 67 decibels of sound. (Sound levels vary with the attachments used, speed selection, and the type of floor being cleaned.) 

The performance pack includes 16 genuine Miele AirClean filter vacuum bags, 1 HEPA filter, and 4 pre-motor protection filters. AirClean sealed system construction makes this a prefect machine for allergy and asthma sufferers. Made in Germany by a company in business since 1899, the Marin is made to last. It comes with a 7 year manufacturers warranty (and an extended 3 year warranty option), but the machines have a 20 year average lifespan.

Besides the performance pack, this vacuum comes with a premium power brush for carpeting c/w LED headlights, the parquet Twister attachment for all hardwood floors, 3 accessory attachments (crevasse tool, dusting brush, and upholstery tool). The controls for the power head are on the handle of the telescoping wand. To ensure the correct power level for the surface being cleaned, there are 6 speed settings controlled via a foot switch. Another foot switch controls the retractable power cord.

Miele makes multiple sizes and types of vacuums and offers many different packages for sale. Prices range from around $300.00 to around $2000.00. All of the machines are very quiet, and come with great warranties. If the Marin package does not fit your needs, I am sure you can find one that will.

Note: Personal prejudice. Our Miele is well over 10 years old, works as well as it did when new, and I can hardly hear it–even when it is me using it. Absolute great product.


The Good

  • Ultra quiet 6 speed vacuum produces between 56 decibels and 67 decibels
  • Filtration system captures and holds 99.9% of all lung damaging particles – good for asthma and allergy sufferers
  • Package contains months of filters, pre-filters, and filter bags
  • Good for all types of floors – deep rug to hardwood – with different attachments included
  • 3 accessory attachments
  • Retractable cord via foot switch
  • Extendable wand
  • 7 year warranty c/w 3 year warranty extension option


The Not so Good

  • Virtually nothing


2) Hoover CH54115 Commercial HushTone Upright Vacuum Cleaner 

Although the Hoover CH54115 Commercial HushTone Upright Vacuum Cleaner was originally designed for commercial carpeted areas like offices and restaurants, it has become a favorite with home owners because of its versatility. It works equally well on heavy deep carpet and laminate, linoleum, and tile. The 2 speed motor runs at 69 decibels on the lower setting with more power and correspondingly more noise when switched to high when needed.

An IntelliBelt system protects the belt should a jamb occur, by shutting down. This eliminates the need to change belts. (Many upright vacuum cleaners require 1 or 2 belt changes per year.) The HushTone has a ‘No Tool’ maintenance system and a sealed allergen system with Hexaguard technology–which traps 99% of dirt, dust, and pollens down to 0.5 microns. It comes with a 2 year commercial warranty and a 5 year domestic warranty c/w a 30 day money back guarantee. 

The Hoover Corporation has been in business for over 100 years and the term ‘hoovered’ has made it into dictionaries meaning ‘cleaned up with a vacuum’.


The Good

  • Quiet upright vacuum putting out 69 decibels of sound – about the sound of a dishwasher or shower
  • 2 speed motor
  • Works equally well on carpet, laminate, tile
  • IntelliBelt system eliminates belt breakage
  • Sealed allergen system – traps 99% of dirt, dust, and pollen
  • 2 year commercial warranty c/w 30 day money back guarantee


The Not so Good

  • Virtually nothing


3) WLUPEL Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

The WLUPEL Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is an inexpensive, relatively unknown product that produces only 65 decibels of noise–or less. Light weight but powerful–running at 80,000 RPM–it is an excellent machine for pet hair, and most other quick clean-up jobs. It has 2 modes (speeds) of operation–Standard produces 15 kilopascals (kPa) of suction, Strong produces 25 kilopascals of suction. (Note: Typical domestic vacuums produce around 20 kilopascals of suction.) 

The large LED display on top of the vacuum shows mode–Standard or Strong–and the percentage of battery power remaining. A true 2 in 1 stick vacuum with an upgraded carpet roller, making it an excellent machine for both carpet and smooth floors. A fully charged battery will give you up to 35 minutes of continuous run time. The machine comes with one battery. Extra batteries are available.

This stick vacuum comes with multiple accessories, including a 2 in 1 brush, a long crevasse tool, and an extendable wand. Powerful LED headlights illuminate dirt and the 1 1/2 liter dust bin can be emptied with one touch of a button.


The Good

  • Very quiet operation – 65 decibels or less
  • 2 powerful modes – Standard @ 15 kPa and Strong @ 25 kPa
  • Large LED display
  • Excellent for both carpet and smooth floors
  • Up to 35 minutes of use per charge
  • Extra batteries available
  • Easy clean 1 1/2 liter dust bin


The Not so Good

  • Company is apparently very annoying in its quest for 5 star reviews


4) Coredy R400 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The Coredy R400 Robot Vacuum Cleaner produces less than 65 decibels of sound–even in max suction mode–quieter than a dishwasher, close to normal conversation. The 2000 Pascals (Pa) suction power is enough for all kinds of floors. (Note: Your vacuum needs over 1500 Pa to do a reasonable job on carpet.) The Auto Boost Intellect will automatically increase power when carpet is encountered, while running more efficiently on hardwood to save battery power.

The low profile (2.7″ high) allows it to get under most furniture, but it still has a fully washable 500 ml dust bin with HEPA filter. It runs up to 140 minutes on a charge (hard floors set on Quiet suction) and returns to its charging port when the job is done or it needs a recharge. 

The R400 is a fully modern robot. Not only does it have a remote control, it is compatible with Google Assistant App, so you can program it with your phone, and will respond to voice commands through Alexa. You can accurately set the timer, find your robot, and get troubleshooting alerts, among other technical aids. Coredy will also manufacture a customized skin for your robot. Just send a picture of what you want on it–like your pet, your children, flowers, or anything else that strikes your fancy. Coredy offers a money back guarantee and 12 month technical support.


The Good

  • Very quiet robot vacuum – under 65 decibels on max suction
  • Provides 2000 Pascals of suction power – enough to clean carpets
  • Automatically boosts power for cleaning rugs
  • Runs up to 140 minutes between charges
  • Remote control
  • Compatible with Google Assist and Alexa
  • Customized skin available (at extra cost)
  • Money back guarantee and 12 month technical support


The Not so Good

  • Virtually nothing


5) Kenmore DU2012 Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

The Kenmore Du2012 Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner has 2 motors that provide over 200W of suction power while operating at under 75 decibels. Picks up pet hair, dirt, and more with its multi-surface, multi-floor design. Not only does the 2-motor design provide plenty of power, it allows you to adjust the suction to match floor covering, fabric, and carpet weight. It is a lightweight machine at only 14 lbs. making it easy to move around, and it is easy to maneuver with swivel steering.

The Allergen Seal system with enhanced HEPA filter system traps 99.97% if dirt inside the machine reducing household pollutants. A 10′ hose c/w with a combination tool (crevasse tool, dirt brush, and upholstery brush), and upholstery tool make this an all-around vacuum cleaner. The DU2012 is designed for whole-home cleaning and will tackle carpets, hard floors, stairs, and more. A 30′ power cord, and LED lights on the powerhead, along with a 2 liter dirt receptacle allow you to clean without interruption. It is covered by Kenmore’s 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Note: HEPA filter is not washable, and will have to be replaced every 3 to 6 months–depending on use.


The Good

  • Quiet powerful bagless vacuum – under 75 decibels on full power
  • 2-motor design allows ‘on the fly’ adjustments for carpet weight and/or fabric
  • Very light at 14 lbs.
  • Swivel steering
  • HEPA filter traps 99.97% of dirt in cannister
  • Large container – over 2 liters
  • 1 year manufacturers warranty


The Not so Good

  • Virtually nothing


6) Bagotte BHV10 Rechargeable Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

The Bagotte Rechargeable Handheld Vacuum Cleaner produces less than 70 decibels of noise. It comes with a small ‘out of the way’ charging stand that doubles as a storage caddy for its 3 multi-use attachments. This powerful, convenient portable vacuum only weighs 1.4 lbs. and is smaller than a folding umbrella.

It has 2 operation modes–7000 Pa and 12,000 Pa. The fast charger will take between 3 – 4 hours to fully charge the batteries. A full charge lasts approximately 35 minutes when using low mode and approximately 15 minutes when using high mode. The HEPA filter keeps 99.99% of dust and dirt inside the machine. A one-touch button opens the dirt cup for hands-free emptying. Both the cup and filter screen are washable. 

An ergonomic, non-slip handle makes the BHV10 easy and comfortable to hold and use. 


The Good

  • Quiet handheld rechargeable vacuum cleaner
  • Produces less than 70 decibels of noise on high speed.
  • 2 operation modes – 7000 Pa and 12,000 Pa
  • 3 -4 hour quick charge
  • 35 minute run time on 7000 Pa and 15 minutes on 12,000 Pa
  • HEPA filter holds 99.99% of dust and dirt
  • Washable cup and filter screen
  • Easy to empty


The Not so Good

  • Virtually nothing


How We Chose These Quietest Vacuum Cleaners

I decided to pick the best quietest vacuum cleaner in 6 different categories to make sure there would be options for most cleaning applications. Listing out a bunch of upright vacuums for someone looking for a quiet handheld is not beneficial. Not only should all of the machines on this list be quiet, they should also work very well.


Quiet Vacuum Noise Levels

Although 80 decibels of sound (noise made by an alarm clock or garbage disposal) is probably acceptable, I wanted to choose machines making less than 75 decibels of sound (noise made by a flushing toilet). Most manufacturers have listened to their customers and are incorporating quieter motors, powerheads, and soundproofing techniques into the machines they are making. The more difficult part of compiling the list is finding quiet machines with quality performance and good to great reviews. I found some very quiet but not very good. And some very good but not very quiet.

I feel the combination of machine performance and low noise level of the machines on the list are among the best options available.


Quiet Vacuum Power Levels

Quite often, the more power a machine produces, the more noise it makes. In the case of the vacuum cleaners on this list, that is not true. I looked for quiet and power together when choosing these machines. And was very successful. Most of these vacs have more than enough power to do the cleaning you want and need.

You can have the quietest vacuum cleaner in the world (just turn it off), but without the power to do the job you need done, it is fairly pointless. And having the power of my shop vac with a noise level that brings down flocks of birds will not make anyone happy.


Quiet Vacuum Filtration System

One of the best types of filtration systems for any vacuum is one that incorporates a HEPA filter. Most HEPA filters will hold over 99% of dirt and dust inside the machine until the bags are thrown out (in the case of bagged machines) or the dust bin is emptied. Many machines incorporate two, and even three filters into the vacuum, along with ensuring the dust collector is a closed system. These are particularly beneficial to people with asthma and allergies because they prevent dust particles from being blown into the air.

The better the filtration system, the quieter the vacuum cleaner. Bagless vacuums generally have less acoustic material around the motors, and the hollow plastic container will allow noise to easily pass through it.


What Type of Quiet Vacuum Suits Your Needs?

Making an honest examination of how you use a vacuum cleaner will likely get you pointed in the right direction when you start hunting for a new machine. With all of the types, styles, designs, and price points available, you should be able to get real close to exactly what you want and need.

Some vacuums are not very good on rugs, but do a great job on smooth hard floors. Some of them have interchangeable heads along with additional accessories for upholstery, crevasses, etc.

If you are a clean the entire house at one time type of person, a battery-operated machine with a charge life of 35 minutes may not be enough. On the other hand, if you just want to do some spot cleaning that the robot vac did not get to, then the battery unit or a handheld could be the answer. 

The size of the area you are cleaning on a regular basis will also factor into your choice. Along with the type of house you live in. (Carting a bulky vacuum cleaner up and down stairs will not improve your sense of humor.)


Some Other Quiet Vacuum Considerations

  • Cost. Cost is always a factor when making a fairly significant purchase such as a vacuum.  Not everyone can, or wants to, plunk down north of $1000 for a vacuum. Especially if it is not what you want, or need. Other than the one very top-end machine on the list, most of them are reasonably priced.
  • Weight. Weight is certainly part of choosing the type of vacuum cleaner that suits your needs. If you live in a one story rancher or one-level apartment/condo, most machines will easily go where you need them. Carrying a 20 lb. or 30 lb. machine up and down the stairs of a split level or two story can become annoying after a while.
  • Warranty. Warranties and customer service are not always at the top of my list–especially if I know the company’s reputation. But to me, the length of a warranty is an indicator of the faith a company has in its products. And like most other people, I can get turned off in about a heart beat by bad customer service. At least I think most people feel that way.


FAQs About the Quietest Vacuum Cleaners

Here are some common questions about quiet vacuum cleaners.

1) Is there a quiet brand of vacuum cleaner?

Almost all vacuum cleaner manufacturers have gotten the message that their customers want quieter machines. The list I have compiled includes 6 different companies. And all of the vacuums listed are quieter than 75 decibels. No one company has the quiet vacuum cleaner market all to themselves.


2) How many decibels does a quiet vacuum cleaner make?

A quiet vacuum cleaner should produce less than 75 decibels–about the sound of a toilet flushing. There are many vacuum cleaners–of every design–available that are quieter than 75 decibels. So there is no need to put up with a loud machine. 


3) Is there a silent vacuum cleaner?

No. Anything under 30 decibels would qualify as silent. There is no vacuum cleaner that produces that small level of sound. Unless it is turned off.


4) Is there a cheap quiet vacuum cleaner?

It would depend on a person’s definition of ‘cheap’. The vacuum cleaners on our list range in price from under $100 for a rechargeable machine to well over $1000. 


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